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To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend Jyotsana Utsav for Master’s in
Business Analytics at University of Dallas, Texas. I have had the pleasure to
know and work with Jyotsana for four years. She first worked with me as an associate
in IBM Gbs, Noida.

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Jyotsana brought energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to all of her
activities. This is expected with any successful member of an entrepreneurial
organization, and in this regard, Jyotsana fits in well. Be it in the optimization
of complex queries in a billing system of Telecomm domain, solving difficult
problems related to any failed UNIX job, or automating workflow in ETL jobs and
Bteq scripts using scheduling tools, Jyotsana has consistently delivered
high-quality deliverables for our organization. This speaks to her overall
intellect and ability to learn, attributes that will serve well in her graduate

While Jyotsana joined our organization as a fresher, she quickly
established herself as a go-to person for development & maintenance related
issues/activities, in Business Intelligence domain. She has been ever-willing
to work with members of our organization to share her knowledge and expertise,
most notably as a presenter for presentations on different technologies.

She has a deep-rooted spirit of helpfulness that, coupled with
his quick grasp of subject matter, speaks well of her potential as an Analyst.

What I find most engaging in Jyotsana’s character is her
wide-ranging interest in different software’s. Two of her abiding interests are
Business Intelligence and Dataware Housing. Jyotsana’s broad range of interests
reflects her potential as a Business analyst, both in analyzing and mining wide
range of Business data to identify pattern and correlations among different
data sets.

Jyotsana Utsav was a valued member of our organization on whom
we learnt to rely on, regardless of the difficulty of the task to hand or the
novelty of the challenges. Her combination of intelligence, commitment,
perseverance, creativity, and a compassionate character will certainly make her
a valuable member of any academic program.

I encourage you to look favorably
upon her application for Master’s in Business Analytics. Feel free to contact
me at 333-333-3333 for any further information.




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