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To Kill A Mockingbird was a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction giving it the legacy it has. Not only is it a book but it is also a movie that was released in 1962 meaning that it might have been a boring and useless movie but after watching it for myself I found it very interesting. The movie was interesting but the book described events more vividly and it had a broader view of everything. The book and the movie had similarities and they also had differences.    In Harper Lee’s book To Kill A Mockingbird, she would describe everything in depth and make you use your sense to feel almost that you are at the moment of what’s happening. In the movie, the main difference that I found was the absence of Atticus sister, Aunt Alexandra. In the book, she was the main aspect of Scouts life as she was almost like the mother figure for her. Aunt Alexandra wanted her to act more as a lady than to have the immature attitude. She did not like it when she would hang out with Jem because she always would know that she would not act ladylike. Another minor example of a difference was during the trial when Mayella Ewell acted as if she was mad with Atticus questioning she did not accuse him of mocking her. In the book, I remember Mayella complaining in the book that  Atticus was “mocking” her to the jury just to make the juror and jury feel sorrow for her. To Kill a Mockingbird book and movie also have their similarities. One of the major similarities in the time era. I felt the early 1900’s vibe in both of them through Harper Lee’s descriptive language to the appearance of the movie of a black and white screen to the clothes that they had been dressing in.  I found a prevalent similarity of Tom Robinson’s death. They had told him that when they were escorting him to the jail he made a run for it and they had put many bullets into his back instead of chasing him down. I found this part of the movie sad because they could have done so many different things besides shooting him to his death. There were also minor things that the book and movie had alike such as how Boo Radley appears at the end, Atticus teaches his kids to be empathetic, the African American group respect Atticus very much, and Boo Radley left a gift in the knothole of the tree. In conclusion, the movie and the book have there similarities and difference. Harper Lee’s book has a much more descriptive feeling towards it and will cover more of a broad view of everything while the movie has to cut out those parts or else it will be too long. My opinion on what I enjoyed more was the movie because I tend not to doze away during a movie because I will understand it more but if you want to have a more vivid image of To Kill a Mockingbird I would recommend the book.

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