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title paper for as level BY gygygyygyg Along the banks of the Cygnet River on Kangaroo Island, the branches of the dying gum trees stretch out like accusing fingers. They have no leaves. Birds search in vain for nectar-bearing flowers. The scene, repeated mile upon mile, is an ecological nightmare. But, for once, the culprit is not human. Instead, it is one of the most appealing mammals on the planet – the koala.

If the trees are to survive and provide a food source for the wildlife such as koalas that depend on them, more than 2000 koalas must die. If they are not removed the island’s entire koala population will vanish. Illegal killing has already started. Worried about soil erosion on the island, some farmers have gone for their guns. Why not catch 2000 koalas and take them to the mainland? “Almost impossible,” says farmer Andrew Kelly. “Four rangers tried to catch some and in two days they got Just six, and these fought, bit and scratched like fury. A) LIFESTYLE: HEALTH: Healthy and unhealthy lifestyle and their consequences- Relationships and Choices: relationships with family and friends / future plans regarding marriage / partnership / Social issues and equality B) LEISURE: Free Time and the Media: Free time activities / Shopping, money, fashion and rends / Advantages and disadvantages of new technology- Holidays: Plans, preferences, experiences / what to see and getting around C) HOME AND ENVIRONMENT Home and Local Area: Special occasions celebrated in the home / ??? Home, town, neighbourhood and region, where it is and what it is like- Environment: Current problems facing the planet / Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area D) WORK & EDUCATION: School / College and Future Plans: what school/college is like; pressures and problems – Current and Future Jobs: Looking for and getting a Job / Advantages & disadvantages of different Jobs

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