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    Throughout time there have been dozens of people that impacted the world in major, life changing ways. Often times these people are political leaders with the power to make big changes like this. However, these impacts aren’t always good and can oftentimes cause very negative changes to the world. One example of a leader who has impacted the world in a very negative way is Adolf Hitler. Everybody has heard of Hitler, whether he has directly impacted their life or not. Hitler’s use of a mass genocide in attempt to get rid of a certain group of people made him infamous. It lead to World War II which is to this day, the deadliest war in history. Hitler’s destruction during World War II had a major impact on Europe as well as the rest of the world. Hitler impacted the world with his book: Mein Kampf, removed European influence from many parts of the world, changed the world’s view on racism, and majorly affected the Jewish people.Before Hitler rose to power and became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he was actually in prison for high treason. He was arrested for trying to take the government by force with his supporters, in what is now called the “Beer Hall Putsch.” During his time in prison, Hitler wrote his famous book, Mein Kampf, which would become a very important book for the Nazis. Mein Kampf means “My Struggle” and was Hitler’s “blueprint of his agenda for a Third Reich and a clear exposition of the nightmare that will envelope Europe from 1939 to 1945” (“Mein Kampf Is Published”). In the book Hitler lists all of the problems in Germany at that time and talks about the need for racial purity. At one point in the book Hitler even says: “For men do not perish as the result of lost wars, but by the loss… of pure blood” (“Mein Kampf Is Published”). Hitler believed very strongly in the idea of the perfect Aryan race. Hitler continues talking about how Germany needs to expand into France and Russia and how the government of the Third Reich should be set up. He wanted it to be an authoritarian government with no majority decisions, only “responsible” people could make the final decision.  The book didn’t become popular until after Hitler became chancellor, but then it became one of the most popular books in the country. This caused it to spread Hitler’s political ideas all over Germany. His book gained him many more supporters and only helped boost his political status despite being difficult to read. Clearly this book impacted Germany, helping create and establish the Nazi party as well as affecting the rest of the world with World War II. This book still affects the world today, because it is banned from ownership in multiple countries. This is mainly to stop fear of the book being used by neo-Nazi groups as a way to spread their ideas and values. Mein Kampf has affected and continues to affect the world today as a source of Hitler’s anti-semitic views (Whipps).    Hitler also impacted the world today by causing many European nations to remove their influence from other parts of the world. After World War II, most of these European imperial powers didn’t have the manpower, or the money, to continue supporting colonies in other nations. Europe had to focus on rebuilding their own countries which had taken a large amount of damage during the war. Buildings were destroyed, trenches had been dug in many different places, and there were holes from mortar shells and other weapons (Friedman). Not to mention the over 70 million casualties caused by the war, many of which were Europeans (Dalgleish). So not long after the war had ended, most European nations had willingly removed their colonies from other countries. This also had a great effect on the countries who had been under control. They now had the opportunity to make their own governments and have control over their own people. This could be seen overall as a good thing, however many of the borders in places like Africa had been drawn by Europeans. This means that after the imperial nations left these people that don’t even get along with each other, no longer had a government preventing them from conflict. This would lead to major conflict in these regions, some of which still have conflict today. Hitler’s attempted reign over Europe lead to the removal of European imperialism, and also caused many new nations to have government freedom (Payind).    One other impact Hitler had on the world is that he changed the world’s view on racism and racist views after the end of the war. Hitler was clearly a very racist man himself, particularly against the Jewish people. After seeing the effects of Hitler’s holocaust and the condition of the people in concentration camps, the world’s views on racist behavior had to change. Really all of World War II was started based on the racist views of one man and his supporters. Hitler believed in one race, the aryans, as superior to all other races and based many of his views off of that. He wanted to essentially remove all other races except for people of the aryan race. His methods of carrying out this horrible idea was to group up Jewish people, or any other people he didn’t consider to be good enough, and put them in concentration camps. In these camps the Nazis systematically exterminated millions of people. By the end of World War II more than one third of all Jewish people in the world were killed. This horrible treatment of specific races or religious groups of people helped jump start the civil rights movement.    After World War II, and seeing the horrible condition of the people that had been in Nazi concentration camps, people really started to think about civil rights. Rights movements in America became much more popular and started happening more often. A few years after the war ended, in 1948, President Harry Truman signed two executive orders, ” barring racial discrimination in the civil service” and, “equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed forces.” Laws like these, combined with the great economy after the war, made it far easier for African Americans to get jobs and to get accepted into colleges. Around this time, major news networks also began televising civil rights activism in the United States. This made it much easier to spread these ideas of civil rights, and to gain supporters all around the country. W. E. B. Du Bois, a major civil rights activist at this time, saw a direct correlation between the United States civil rights movement and the decolonization of European controlled nations. He thought that the determination of people in Africa and Asia compared directly with the struggles for equality in America. Hitler’s awful treatment of people during the holocaust caused people around the world to rethink human rights (Kutler).Probably the biggest impact Hitler had on the world was what he did to the Jewish people. Hitler openly hated Jews and this view was very common among people in the Nazi party and is even talked about in Mein Kampf. Many Jews actually fled Germany when the Nazi party was rising in power, but this was not enough to stop Hitler. The Nazis captured Jews from all over Europe as they tried to take over. During World War II the Nazis tortured and killed around 6 million Jews, before the war there were around 16.5 million Jews living in the world (Sifferlin). Over one third of the Jewish population in the world were killed due to the holocaust and the Nazi death camps. In Germany before the war however, there were around 500,000 Jews. Clearly Hitler had hatred for all Jews, not just the ones living in Germany. After the war, some Jews returned to Germany and many others tried to move to other European countries, but most wouldn’t take them. Some Jews however, chose to move to Palestine and live in refugee camps. They chose to move here because at one time, Jews used to live in the land that is now Palestine, and it contains their holy city of Jerusalem. A few years later, when Israel became an independent nation, many Jews still living in Germany or Europe moved to Israel. This caused the Jewish people, for the most part, to be reunited in one area again. Despite having found a new place to live, the Jewish people faced conflict taking over part of Palestine. Palestine and the countries around Israel, are mostly Muslim nations. The Jews moving in and claiming part of Palestine did not work well with these countries. Even still today there is conflict between Israel and Palestine. Not only did Hitler murder almost one third of the Jewish people, he caused them to relocate to a completely different part of the world (“History of the Jews in Germany”).    Hitler’s attempt to take over Europe and spread of the idea of the superior aryan race, had major impacts all over the world. With the writing of his book, Mein Kampf, during his imprisonment before the war, he was able to spread his political views and his life story. The destruction caused by the war caused European nations to be too poor and too low on manpower to hold control over their imperial colonies. Although, by the end of the war they didn’t even have the will to want to keep control, so they willingly removed their control. Hitler’s very anti-semitic views and the use of his concentration camps to systematically exterminate entire groups of people, changed the world’s views on racism and human rights. This jump started the civil rights movement in America and gave new opportunities to many people. Finally he greatly impacted the Jewish people and caused them to relocate to a different part of the world.  As terrible as Hitler was, he certainly had a major impact on the world.Works CitedDalgleish, Sarah. “The 10 Deadliest Wars.” BORGEN, 11 June 2014,, George. “Hitler’s Lasting Effect On Europe And America.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 2 Sept. 2015,”History of the Jews in Germany.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 19 Jan. 2018,, Stanley I. Dictionary of American History. 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