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Nears was a man of the god it was not appropriate for him to spend the night with a young women, however, Aziza thought if Mr. Nears did spend the night he would feel as if he had committed a sin and would agree into marrying her. Furthermore, the whole Journey Aziza carried a tinderbox, she could have made a fire to warm herself and Mr. Nears. Though if she done that they would not have had a chance to bundle. Mr. Barclay had thought wrong of Aziza, she was anything but meek and naive. While intelligence helped Aziza throughout her Journey in the woods, her bold character allowed her to decide her own fate.

Aziza went against society and followed her own wishes and desires. She had to take up the role of a man in order to do so though. This is showcased further when Aziza rolls up her skirt in order to rid the horse properly. As society’s rules say a women is to ride a horse with her legs dangling on one side, Aziza breaks society’s rules without thinking of the consequences. Furthermore, it is not right for a young women to spend a night alone with any man. Aziza not only spent the night with Mr. Nears though she bundled with him which was seen as a much more severe sin.

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Just when the readers thought the story was done Aziza surprises them by proposing to Mr. Nears, yet, again conveying her boldness. Alongside her other many traits, Aziza is a women of strength. Aziza was not only fighting the forces of nature though she was fighting an inner struggle as well. Marrying Mr. Hathaway was against her wishes, she was dying on the inside. Her happiness, hopes, desires were all shattered in a few moments. However, this did not limit her from doing as she pleases. She is strong-willed along with being physically strong.

The harsh weather conditions made her Journey to freedom even ruler, still, she kept her focus and went ahead to reach her hopes. Aziza is a role model to me as she is everything a women in the 20th century should be like.

What is your opinion of Mr. Nears? Be sure to include reasons to support your opinion. A man of god, Mr. Nears, is a noble and naive person. His nobility is exposed when Aziza came riding on the horse with her legs on both sides of the horse, he avoided to make eye contact. He respected Aziza as a women, thus, he acted as any gentlemen should.

Furthermore, while with Aziza in the hut he did not try anything on her. He easily could being the man and all, however, that was not his character. To ad on to the bundling with Aziza, Mr. Nears had refused to bundle with her once again showing that he had no such intentions. In addition, his nobility was shown ruling at ten Declining AT ten story, courting Zeal to near marriage snows Tanat Mr. Nears does noble work. Mr. Nears is a man of noble mind and heart. Aziza planned everything out very slyly and Mr. Nears never suspected a thing. His character is naive and not-knowing. Mr. Nears obeyed every command Aziza threw out, Aziza told him to bundle with her and he did as he was told without asking anything. Classify both Aziza and Mr. Nears as either static or dynamic. Explain your evaluations. Aziza The wedding gift has many writing elements infused within it, though the most bursting element was the hero cycle. This story started off with Aziza being shown as a meek, hopeless, and pathetic girl but after crossing the creek-a threshold, her character drastically changes. The old Aziza had died and a new Aziza had emerged. Aziza had taken upon a male role, riding the horse in a manly manner, proposing to Mr. Nears.

In addition, instead of being someone’s rejected puppet she had a new density-identity of a respected women. Aziza had become fierce and strong within the green world-the woods. The green world is where conflicts are resolved, coincidently in this short story Assize’s inner struggles and conflicts are resolved. Aziza was renovated into a dynamic personality.

Mr. Nears

Mr. Nears’s character remained uniform throughout the whole story. The author conveyed him as a neutral character who is naive and noble. Mr… Nears however, plays a huge role in the story, if it was not for him Assize’s manly qualities would not have been put in the spotlight.

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