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This video is about “protectourselves from personal harm” “Self-defense ” our self from wrong information Inthis world we have two kind of people number one are those people who guide youon the right path and number two are those people who guide you on a wrongpath. We have some people in this world who don’t like you for example: youwork at a store as a security keeper and someone was stealing something fromthe store and you caught them because the security machine that you have at thedoor start ringing that means that person didn’t paid for that item. From thatday the person start disliking and hating you because you didn’t allow them tosteal the stuff from the store, from that day the person will chase you therewill threatened you, shoot or even try to kill you. That is one of the reasonwe should learn how to protect ourselves from personal harm without gettinghurt.Some people work on theTV as doing advertising the person youare working for doesn’t care about you he or she only care about the product toget into the market so people can start buying it and start using it. Once the productgets popular in the market the person can fire you from work because there onlywanted that product to get in to the market and there use you for their need.

Onceyou on any media anybody can misuse your picture make it a nasty picture andposted on the media. But you know you never did that and you have to fright andtell the world that someone is trying to harassment you that is were you haveto “self-defense” yourself.The most important thing that I learnedfrom this video is that every human need to know how to “self-defense” themself never say wrong think is right remember that wrong is always wrong nomatter what happens if you know you never did something wrong and someonetrying to make you get in trouble you should have that must guts to fright foryour right don’t let the other person to misuse in anyway. Critical thinking isimportant because it give you clear idea what is right and what is wrong foryou. It also give your idea of what you should do or you should avoid.

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Itincorporates the capacity to take part in intelligent and autonomous reasoning.

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