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letter is to support as my reference for Eng. Samer Zekry who was under my
supervision (10.2015 – 09.2016) as IT manager in Montajat Veterinary
Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. For almost a year, he has been with Montajat Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd in KSA to provide with my technical team all technical support
services, maintaining and configuration for LAN/WAN infrastructure for company
branches. His role and his knowledge in technical and administrative functions
are very much needed to assist the team to accelerate when it comes to a matter
of managerial work.

During this time, Eng. Samer consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and
a dedication to success. He can communicate effectively with our clients and
guide them with correct procedure to ensure it is in compliance with Montajat’s
rule and policy. He possesses a remarkable ability to assess situation,
evaluate alternatives, and make sound recommendation to resolve issue at hands.
His support in our branch in Riyadh when the entire system was down was a very important
part due to his hard serving and dedication for long period till LAN/WAN system
working again.

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Though Eng. Samer was my assistant, we also see him in an
unofficial leadership role. Many of his peers seek his advice and support. He
exhibits a willingness to help others and is quite comfortable in the role. On
the other hand, he is the type of person who is receptive to new ideas and
relentlessly seeking opportunities for learning (e.g. through research,
self-study and attending company workshops). Clearly, he has shown us his
strong effort in taking part in contribution to the development of this
organization as well as his country.

His strong performance in Montajat Organization is a good indication of how he
would perform in other places and I highly recommend him for your master degree
he chooses to pursue.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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