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This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my family. I have always been grateful for my family, because they love me, they are always there for me and I can talk to them about everything. Another thing I am grateful for is food, on Thanksgiving. Every single year my family makes a huge dinner and it’s always delicious. We eat turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, stuffing, corn, Jello and I love to bake, so I make a sweet treat every once in a great while. I love Thanksgiving.
I’m so grateful that we get to celebrate Thanksgiving every year, and I get to see my cousins, my aunt and uncle and my grandma & grandpa. I’m so grateful for having a family unlike some people in the world that don’t have a family. That’s what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving.Being thankful to me is appreciating everything God has given you. I think it means counting your blessings and being grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. Being thankful to me means stopping to realize I have a wonderful supportive family as well as other relatives who care and love me very much. I am glad to know I have so many wonderful and loving people in my life that support me always.
I am thankful to my parents, who had always giving me a lot care and teaching me lots of things. They brought me to this colorful world, and tried their best effort to provide me a better life. And I appreciate for the love my families and friends give me, which gives me warmth. I am thankful to the teachers, who works with diligence to give us knowledge ability, put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us. Thanks to all the teachers on the world for teaching us lots of knowledge.
I am happy to know I have a family who encourages me to pursue my dreams and do well in school. I think being thankful means realizing how well off and lucky you are compared to other people. I always think about how lucky I am because I have a nice house with all the food and necessities I need to be happy. I realize there are starving kids in Africa and kids without parents and siblings. I appreciate everything I was blessed with in my life and that’s what being thankful means to me.
In my eyes, you should be thankful for everything you have. That includes family, friends, possessions, and even struggles in your life. I am thankful for the struggles in my life because I know that they have helped me grow as a person. At the time they seemed unfair but when I look back I am so thankful that I came out as a much stronger person. I am especially thankful for the people who have helped me through my struggles because without them I don’t know where I would be. Even now I am struggling and dealing with issues that are hard but I know in the end I’ll be a better person. I believe we should be thankful for all our life experiences and be thankful for the time we spend with our loved ones. Through these experiences, we can help others. Basically, we should be thankful for everything we have. That is why I am grateful for everything that I have. That is my essay, thank you.

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