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This articletalks about the risk on speaking your truth to others and how it will haveaffect your every day lives. Being honest is a choice, a choice not lie, tosteal, cheat, or deceive in what ever way It might happen. For me, being honestis not about speaking your truth.

This is all about being real with yourselfand to others too about who you truly are and feel. Speaking your truth createsa door to openness, this gives us power enabling us in developing consistencyin how we represent facts. Speaking your truth to others with good intentionsand actions will gain you the attention and respect of other individuals. Theseindividuals become the ones that you want to be influence by. We all live by anexample to others, and keeping secrets and important details has been practicedby many including our politicians, our social leaders, even our religiousleaders.

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This creates a great impact and effect to young people that looks upto their own leaders. There is also a risk of being 100 percent on speakingyour truth to seek and to expose ourselves in expressing our true feelings mostespecially when we all have to deal the consequences by telling the truth.Between self control in telling honesty and using it as a hurtful weapon toothers there is ways to express inconvenient truths to bring people closertogether. This could also be the reason for ending a relationship but it couldcreate new possibilities for new relationships to begin. Being said, this is acritical skill to exercise and learn.

This is an advice to myself that if Itell my honest opinion to others and this honesty will lead to hurt or destroysomeone else I should be 100 percent responsible to the situation it will bringme. I would respect other decisions and thoughts after I tell and speak up formy self. Also, anyone should be mindful of the situation before creating anaction and think wisely of the outcome before it can cause serious damage toothers.  

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