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article described in detail about Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and security
issues that occur with their usage. WSNs are a developing innovation in present
research study and can possibly change the method for human life. These
networks consist of a separate group of independent nodes which have links
wirelessly over minimum frequencies at low bandwidth. The main aim of WSNs is
to collect the data from different areas and transfer that information to the
final base station. Later on, this raw data from the base station is processed
online or offline and further analysis is made based on the requirements. This
wireless sensor technology provided advanced equipment especially for aged
people who require continuous monitoring. This article even explained about
different healthcare projects that used sensor networks for monitoring the
health conditions. Examples: CodeBlue , LiveNet , MobiHealth , Alarm-Net etc.
The author tried to explain life threatening risks, security threats such as
transit threats, routing threats, location threats, activity tracking threats
and many more that may be dangerous to patients due to this medical sensor
networks. (Kumar et al,2011)10

review paper mostly concentrated on clinical application of wearable technology
to monitor patients with chronic conditions at any place. Development of
wearable sensors had taken place and at present analysis of this devices is
going on. Here, the way in which both wearable and ambient sensors are used in
remote monitoring the patients and collecting their physiological data is
described. This paper explained about the building blocks of the wearable
devices in detail. They are Hardware to collect the physiological data, the
software used to transfer data to remote center and finally analysis of data is
made. Explained about 1.ECG sensor which have Amplifier, micro-controller, antenna
and radio-chip.2. Fabric electrodes and sensors.3. Ambient sensing technology
and many more. The author gave a small note on the safety monitoring and
defects of the sensors in wearable devices. (Patel et al,2012)11

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paper gave a detail review about Internet of things(IOTs). It is a well-developed
in such a way that human body is connected to the Internet through sensors, microprocessor
chips that collect and transmit physiological data. It explained about IOT
ecosystem starting from. 1.Hardware sensor platform: Here, information about
wearable electronics (smart watches and wristband sensors, wearable sensor
patches for recording blood chemistry and body vital functions) was given.2. Software
process and transmission of data: Here, data from sensors is transmitted to the
internet. This transmission process was explained in detail, about different
communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, USB, 4G, Bluetooth
low-energy (BTLE-advance than normal blue-tooth). And the data collected can be
stored in the cloud. 3.Later on this real-time data will be sent as an alert to
healthcare providers or caretakers. This can be viewed graphically by the
physician because of visualization tools which was explained in this paper. Different
types of sensors, about cloud computing, limitations and various data transmission
methods was mentioned in this article. (Swan,2012)12

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