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This projectwas started by the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi in 1923 as All IndiaSpinners’ Association. His 18-point Programmeincluded the use of khadi, promotion of village industries, adult education,rural sanitation, removal of untouchability, upliftment of the backwardclasses, welfare of women, education in public health and hygiene, prohibition,propagation of mother tongue and economic equality. The projectwas based on the principles of ‘Truth and Non-Violence’ and aimed at social andeconomic development.

The objectives of the project were to provide service tothe underprivileged section of the society for self-dependency. The mainactivities of the project were organisation of training centres for cottageindustries, prohibition, removal of untouchability, stressing women educationand basic education and preaching and practicing of communal unity. The Gandhian Constructive Programme is basically a programme of humanactivity in various fields that is beneficial for the economic growth and wellbeingof rural India.

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His belief was that the extinction of rural industries wouldruin the village economy. He paid special attention for revival of the ruralindustries like spinning and weaving, traditional oil press, grain processingand leather works. According to Gandhi, the return to traditional villageindustry could ensure full employment and well-being to the overwhelmingpopulation of the country. This philosophy of Gandhi inspired many people towork for the development of the villages in India. Gandhian ruralreconstruction activities were based on the principles of truth andnonviolence.

His ideas of rural reconstruction were accepted officially byGovernment of India and resulted in the adoption of Khadi and Village IndustriesProgramme, the principle of Village Self- sufficiency, and the faith in thePanchayati Raj and Sahakari Movement. Gandhiji wished to evolve a philosophy oflife, which would achieve the welfare of all (Sarvodaya). 

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