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This sequelis about the battle of Atom and how he rise from the bottom because peoplereally doubting him because he is just a sparring robot not a fighting robot,so he make his way to the top until the people saw him and believe in himbecause even he is smaller than the other fighting robot he still win and it isbecause of the trust of his owner Max Kenton.

The first chapter is about thefight versus ZEUS considered as the best fighting robot boxer in the wholeuniverse because of his strengths and powerful body. The people never thoughtthat there will be a fighting robot that can challenge Zeus to a fight becausehe is just so strong and how hard he punch that might kill you and your robot.And how he and his owner trained him to be better than the G-O-A-T. Who couldever thought that a sparring robot coming from the junk yard will fight thebiggest and strongest robot boxer the whole universe has ever seen. It isbecause of the trust and determination that he and his owner give to him. And because of that hard work and determination he shocked the world because hewon to the best boxer of all time and leave with the belt.

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And the rise ofdemon warrior where the demon warrior taunt Atom to fight him and making therise of demon warrior to the downfall of demon warrior. Because on how he actedto the one that he can’t really beat. He used his mouth not his brain andbecause of that he make a bad image to himself. And they have a great fightwith Atom but it is not match because Atom is skilled, experienced. And knowshow to kick opponents face.  And then the chapter 3 we will see how Zeuscan return to battle with the one who gives him the first loss of his life andhow he comes back from adversity and how he can prove the haters wrong.. “At first,some friends who are actually ‘unfriendly friends,’ would laugh at your faithin succeeding with your dream, because they would judge you based on your pastfailures and mistakes.

But later on, they would become very jealous when theystart to notice that you are succeeding in an extraordinary way, andcontinuously proving them wrong.” – Edmond Mbiaka ?

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