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 This highly relates to both ACF and Halden, Halden really
focuses on making these individuals lives become better ones and urges them to
gain skills and qualities as does GLM which shown through the documentary you
can see how happier and calm these inmates are, however in the documentary you
see that ACF believe that by locking these inmates away with little privacy, a
lack of respect and giving them no freedom, activity, or a chance to be happy
is going to rehabilitate them, they cannot be confident that these offenders
will reoffend especially when they’re leaving angry and upset about how they
have been treated, as one inmate told us, you can clearly see the inmates are
not mentally well as they look so depressed and like life has been ripped away
from them. This theory contains three hierarchical sets of conceptual
underpinnings, general ideas concerning the aims of rehabilitation, aetiological
underpinnings and practical implications arising from both of these. Purvis in
2006 tested Ward and Colleagues (REFERNECE) primary goods and produced eleven
classes which are life (healthy living and functioning), knowledge, excellence
in play (hobbies), excellence in work, excellence in agency, inner peace
(freedom from emotional turmoil and stress), relatedness (intimate, romantic
and familial relationships), community (connection to wider social groups), spirituality,
pleasure (feeling good in the here and now), and creativity (expressing oneself
through alternative forms). Secondary goods then provide the ability to secure
primary goods, e.g. completing a college degree or educational course that will
satisfy the primary goods of knowledge and excellence in work. The aim of
correctional interventional is the promotion of primary goods, or human needs,
that when met will enhance psychological wellbeing (WARD AND BROWN REF). The
GLM assess offenders and look at their previous important primary goods, by
asking detailed questions about commitments in their life and valued day to day
activities and they find the goals and underlying values in the offenders
offence related actions, once complete they look at primary and secondary goods
to assist the offender into a good lives rehabilitation plan. The GLM has been
adopted by several sex offender treatment programmes internationally and also
being used successfully in case management setting for offenders. 

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