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This book is a
Dedicated to the blessed memory of
my beloved father
Engr Joseph TaiwoWhose gallant and glorious departure from this world strengthened my vision. At the face of death, you were outrageous, peaceful and well assured of your victory. you saw what other could not see and bounced into eternity into the presence of the lord.

This book is a collection of words that communicate possibilities.

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Everyone is conceived and birthed into this world with a mandate. Everything God created exists more than ordinary reason for existence. Everything is purposed. God is not random. You were not created for fun. In a great house there are vessels of gold but as beautiful and precious as gold is, it cannot be used as a cleaning agent. It has its own purpose and it cannot perform the function of a broom.

You are called to enjoy God’s essence; you are born for a reason, raised for a purpose and created to make real your mandate. In the family of God, all His children are original, handcrafted and autographed by the great “I AM”. Everyone has been curiously and delicately made by the great creator. There are no duplicates or copies; we are unique creation from the hand of the best artist. The bible says He keeps us as the apple of His eyes
So be enthusiastic! You have a lot to be excited about. God created you in His likeness and when He made you in His likeness, He did not only make you look like Him, He made you to be able to function like Him. An understanding of this stirs up our confidence and faith in the love of God and willingness to give answers to your prayers. If you are not functioning like God, you are automatically malfunctioning, and then we’ve lost it already. You are endowed with specific talents and abilities that must be developed and use to help yourself and others. Essentially, what makes you unique is the endowment of certain mixture of abilities and gift. Mind you, all these resources deposited inside you are enough to make you extraordinary and to make you arise for a cause.

Jesus said ” … to this end was I born and for this cause came I…”
In this complex time, one of the scarcest resources of our time is self-discovery. What discounts your value is lack of clarity about where you are coming from. The vision for the future If there is no reason or cause for your existence, you are not supposed to be here. No child of God can experience the fullness of Christ riches without understanding his/her personality in Christ. God has made you a provision for a particular need. It is the sole reason why for everything you must do in life, there must be a level of understanding of what your possession is in Christ Jesus. The future of every man depends on personal self-discovery and every manifestation of who they are firstly exists within them. The sole reason for your existence is that you leave a seal in your generation. There are many giants in time past who plunged along in life having explosive and illuminating insights to the seed of greatness placed within and near them. Recognition and maximising those gifts and potentials in them turn practically turned their failures into multiple successes.

Your struggles continue until the day you have a clear understanding of your place in Christ Jesus. I was young when I discovered that the Bible says:
“Giving thanks unto the father, which has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saint in light.” (Colossians 1:2).

You have been qualified! He’s not just thinking of qualifying you, he’s not planning to qualify you but He has qualified you! That is who you are in Christ Jesus. What you need first of all is the clarity of where you are coming from. When you lose strength and control over
If your eye has been obstructed to see beyond your life’s fatality, you are just like the proverbial horse that was tethered to a post since its infancy, and even when the rope was removed, it still stayed within the locus of the rope. Its conditioning, not his condition caused it to remain stationary. The desperate situation around you might be confusing, yet there is a better place to be unveiled. One of the deceit trails of the devil is empowering inferiority complex on people. And the wages of deceit is still death. That is why some people are living copse without any significant of their existence. It is so glaring that in this age, there’s an escalation of the work of devil. Mind you if Satan has done the worse, God is set to work out the best through us by expanding and increasing our knowledge to send ignorance into exile in this age of high expectancy only if you desire.

The biggest problem in the body of Christ today is ignorance, and that is most unfortunate. My people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge, God said in Hosea 4:6. The key to a life of exploits is the knowledge of God. Exploit is the heritage of those who knows their God. Basically, ignorance is the cause of destruction but true knowledge is the basis for freedom and transformation. Knowledge enlightens and without enlightenment lives are wasted, potential talent and gifts are decimated and destinies altered. Israel perished largely because they couldn’t discern the things of God. They were rejected because they rejected the knowledge of God, not able to discern His ways. You need knowledge to launch you out of the place of confusion and darkness.

I recall the day I travelled home when the driver and the passengers started a conversation base on the economic recession in the country, pondering on the fact that politicians are the one enjoying the current state of the economy. It sounded too good to be true in the hearing of everyone but the middle aged driver said not everyone is destined to be rich which was backed up with a testimony which will only leave you disillusioned and confused.

The deceptive belief of those who live an unproductive life is to believe that only some set of people are destined to enjoy God’s essence. To small thinkers, everything will look like mountain and they become satisfy with themselves not allowing the unique person God meant them to be to come to manifestation. Prank crane noted “our best friends and our worst enemies are the thoughts we have about ourselves”. Proverbs declares, “As a man thinks within himself, so he is” proverb 27:3
“But the natural man receive not the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned” – (1 Corinthians 2:14)
“The wise shall inherit glory but shame shall be the promotion of the fools” (Proverb 3:35)
Satan’s standards are road map to failure and shame. I’ll like you to get this believed and checked fact that ignorance is mostly fired by devil but sometimes people are wilfully ignorant. You don’t out of ignorance build up obstacles for you and your generation. That is why if you don’t know the mind of God for your life, you can’t live the life of God.

Imagine the condition of the lame sitting at the gate of the temple. He sat where there’s an opportunity for a change of destiny, I sense he can dance but the opposition of his physical malady limited his options. Your mind-set will determine what decision you make.

Is your business, ministry, family, career or academic in a stand-still position? Are you in a spot with carry over or extra year as student? Has somebody told you about the generational curse your family has been battling with that you had no control over it? You look into your family line and see that in in time past no one has gone to tertiary institution; I have good news for you.


…Whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple, which is called beautiful… (Act 3:2)
To explore the inner resources in you for maximum impact, you must be decisive. And every decision you make will either make or mar your life.

You see, a gate can swing in two directions. It offers options and opportunities. You can either go in it or come out of it, but you must decide which way you are going- either in or out. It’s simply because unknown direction leads to nowhere.

That’s why God will allow you to arrive at His presence, where you will go into something and come out of something. You are in front of the spiritual gate which is now swinging, giving you opportunity.

As you are reading this book, see it as if God is saying “I set before you an open door, you have the opportunity to decide, whether you are going to stand still in your comfort zone or you will come out of it. Is it that financial challenge? Or crashed business? Or marital problem(s)? Or failure in academics? Sickness and disease?. They are all mess in the believer’s kingdom. You must tell yourself and make up your mind that, ‘I am going to come out of it all I won’t get drown in them.”
You can’t stay where you are and expect to have everything God has in plan for you. You must abandon those limiting mind-sets, poverty and failure mentality you have held on to. What I learnt from the story of the lame man is that if this man was going to go into what God had for Him, he could no longer rely on a beggar mentality. He had to be willing to be self-reliant. There are things you don’t do if you take steps to live the kind of life God has for you. Mediocrity must not rob you of your destiny, and you must refuse to settle for less.

Are you desirous of transition in your life that you are willing to leave some things behind? It is possible you think something positive can’t come out of your situation, but God says despite your wasted years, hardship and desperate situations, everything about you is changing for better.

Mind you, nothing changes your perspective like knowledge. It is the basis for gaining understanding of who you are. When you apply the knowledge you acquire to a particular situation, it is then that it becomes wisdom. Knowledge grants access to hidden treasures. It unveils unto man’s heart what he does not or cannot see ordinarily. Ignorance should not deprive you from expanding your mental and thinking capacity to really know who you are.

Make a fish live on dry land or make an Orangutan stay in the Atlantic Ocean and drop Fela Durotoye in the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather. Sounds odd, right?
There’s a clear distinction. We were all created for different purposes. You have a purpose which isn’t your decision but your discovery. Your purpose has been predestined by God and you only need to look within and listen to start living your purpose in life.

Listen to your dissatisfaction and what grieves you; they are clues to what you have been assigned to correct- your purpose.

Listen to your gifts; they have been specially deposited to help you out.

Listen to your passion; they are a great pointer to your purpose.

Listen to God; commune with Him. Pray, pray and pray and pay rapt attention, too.

There are five Ps of success; people, place, profit, purpose and productivity. Purpose is the most essential as it determines all other factors…….discover your purpose!
”…and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”
Discovering your purpose in life will set you on the track to exploit, to excellence and to greatness!
Let’s attempt a visualization exercise from Michael Gerber’s book on purpose. Picture the day of your funeral, what do you want your eulogy to consist of? What would your lifetime achievements be? What would matter most at the end of your life? What do you want to be remembered for?
You were created with a vision that will propel a mission, don’t die as a waste product. Fulfil God’s mandate …….discover your purpose!

“Now Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valour…” (Judges 11:6a)
The man in the above bible passage is described as a mighty man of valour. This was precisely what he was sent to respond to here on earth. Just like when the angel of the lord appeared to Gideon, declaring him as a mighty man of valour.

The word valour means to be of great courage, brave, bold and a ruler. The purposed purpose of God for him was to be the head over all the inhabitant of Gilead. The assignment of Jephthah was to fight, save, and deliver the Israelite from the oppression of the Ammonites. He was sent to the World to be a solution to the problems of the Gileadites.

One of the most derelict areas in many lives is the area of calling and gift that God has placed within them. God’s call upon you made Him earmarked you for a specific purpose. And it is only for – His purpose. It is amazing how many people have neglected their duty post, devoting their entire life to something that has nothing to do with their inborn gifts and talent. If you change how God has made you by ignoring God’s given abilities, then you are changing your natural make up.

Paul writes, “… let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t . If you preach, just preach God’s message, nothing else; if you help, just help, don’t take over. If you teach, stick to your teaching; if you give encouraging guidance, be careful that you don’t get bossy; if you’re put in charge , don’t manipulate; if you are called to give aid to people in distress, keep your eyes open and be quick to respond; if you work with disadvantaged, don’t let yourself get irritated with them. Keep a smile on your face. Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it”
– (Romans 12:5-9)
The reason we must recognize our innate gifts, talents and potentials and do everything in our power to build on them is because everything God created is a solution to a problem. You are an asset to the world. The essence of God’s deposit in your life is to bring solution to the problems of this earthly kingdom. Kingdom literally means king and Dom (domain) and for a kingdom to exist there must be a king and a territory. You are the king God sent to the world for a special assignment to rule with kingdom ideas in the education, economy, political and business sector. The quality of your life depends on your commitment to your purpose.

In the quest to respond to the call of destiny, if you want to rule and reign you must remain in your domain. Your domain is the place of your manifestation. Staying longer in a domain which is not the will of God for your life is a waste of time. Where you are matters as much as what you are. As the man in the above scripture drew near to his time of supernatural victory, opposition arose and he was expelled from his father’s house to a wrong domain. As soon as they discovered that he was born and destined to reign over them. They were not thinking for him, they were thinking for themselves, predicting that his success would make them look inferior and unintelligent since they were older than him. Their sense of security was threatened when the call of destiny was unveiled to them. Mike Murdock wrote: your assignment determines the suffering and attacks you encounter. Little wonder Paul described his assignment as a preacher and teacher, he explained this “for this reason I also suffer these things…” But unfortunately,
“… Jephthah FLED from his brethren and DWELT in the land of Tob: and there were gathered vain men to Jephthah, and went out with him.” – (Judges 11:3)
An empty mind attracts them. Where you are matters as much as what you are. What do you do when the wind of life blows around you? It may be when you cannot cope with school bills, retrenchment from your place of work, divorced. This young man fled to the wrong destination where he can’t bring to reality the effectiveness of his gift.

Go to where you will be celebrated and not where you will be tolerated. God is always ready to hear you, Run to Him.

Life becomes real to me after the death of my dad few years ago. He’s my confidant and has promised to do all in his capacity to help me move forward in life. Sometimes in 2013 he asked me if i will be able to cope with life peradventure anything happen. I wonder why he asked such question but the answer was provided when school fees became difficult to pay, to feed myself seemed so hard. But, after critical and meticulous observation, it became clear to me that I’m suffering from physical manipulations, because of my laziness and inability to discover who I am.

When my heart shattered into several pieces leaving a resounding emptiness in its wake, tight in a corner with life’s arrow headed straight for my sanity, i drew my strength from the rock steady arm of the saviour and my problems was whispered to his ever listening ears.

It is mysterious sometimes that unexpectedly, the wind of change blows. The loss of job, death of a bread winner, failure in academic and business or down turn in the national economy can put one in the valley of confusion. Now either we sit, crawl or fly in life it depends on our response and attitude to change. There’s nothing that can conquer a man who understand the purpose of his existence and depend solely on the source of his purpose.

I’ll like to tell you that whatever God says is a proof that your destiny is needed and there’s something expected from you. There’s something you are seeing in your life today causing poverty, failure and horrifying stench of backwardness. Despite the time the disciples spent following Jesus. He saw it in His own disciples and said to them:
“Having eyes, see ye not? And having ears, hear ye not? And do ye not remember (Mark 8:18).

Merely following Jesus does not guarantee your exploit in life if you are yet to recognize and respond to the perfect works of Christ in you. The hidden treasures within you are what speak your future into existence. It is of no use to God if you choose not to harness it rightly and grasp its fullness and usefulness. You must understand why you are here, why you are living and the reason He has chosen you to be His representative here on earth. You are a chosen generation a royal priesthood; you are called out of darkness into His marvellous light. (1 Peter 2:9). The effect of light is seen where darkness rules. Don’t struggle with ambition when you should be soaring with a vision. Greater height is your place. You are the light of the world! That’s your identity friend. You don’t need to struggle with Satan, it only get you distracted.

We can’t afford to be irresponsible with our faith, we must search the scriptures. I have come to realize that most of the time we rely on 3rd parties to interprets or predict what (course, job, or business) we are to do – this is a trait of ignorance. You can’t turn your pastor, prophet, friend or business partner into an effigy of an African deity abdicating responsibility of your life to them. God will you hold you accountable for your life. You don’t have to deny yourself of your position as a king and priest. God want you to have the original solution to your problem and making your profess solution to the problem of the world. Though you cannot stop God’s plan but you can decide your response to it.

The fulfilment of promises is very critical to God. That is why His official designation is THE FAITHFUL GOD. He will never allow His word to fall to the ground without fulfilling its purpose. The only thing that gives meaning and add value to your life has to do with what one is created for, recognizing it and ensure its realization which vast majority are yet to discover this. God customize callings and specifies assignments which are made for you and not for animals. He will always expose top-secret information in line with your calling.
Concerning Paul, God said “I have picked him as my personal representative to Non-Jews and kings and Jews.” When you know what you are created for, your perception changes from that of the world. You start seeing from a positive point of view. Even when people around you become cynical, sceptical and critical of your plan, God’s word concerning your life is enough to hold unto. Don’t be mindful of what people say about you, responding to the call of destiny should be your major priority.

In Luke 19:41-42, 44, Luke gave the account of the Pharisees who did not recognize the divinity of Jesus. This caused Jesus to wept over it
“And when He was come near, He beheld the city, and wept over it, saying; if thou hadst known, Even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace, But now are hid from thine eyes… because thou knowest not the time of thy visitation.”
If at all ignorance has succeeded in increasing the pains of your wound, block your focus, perpetuates disease, poverty and failure, produce loss of lives and lock the door of success in time past, Jesus is speaking to your life that for you to access those things that are hidden but belongs to you, YOU MUST KNOW!
In the late 1800’s, a young couple became obsessed with the pursuit of gold during the great gold rush. They decided to sell their farm and everything they owned to go pan or search for gold. Failure after failure, they eventually ended up bankrupt in Europe. After many years, they decided to come back to America and visit their farm. However, when they arrived there, they could not get close to their farm because it was surrounded with security guards and surveillance equipment to protect it. It turned out that under their farmhouse was the largest gold reserve in America… Now controlled by Government. Ignorance will always push you out of your place of destiny.

Nothing get a man fulfilled like what he is created for and understand that what you know determine where you go. You can’t go far beyond the knowledge of what God has created you for. Time is running; don’t waste your time chasing shadows. Everything you need lies within you merely awaiting your recognition. Nothing destroys the seed of greatness than lack of discovery. Discovery is the duty of every man. The path to every fulfilment of destiny is discovery.

This is the question you need to answer. David realized his purpose and so did Joseph.

“And David realized that the lord had confirmed him as king over Israel for the sake of his people Israel” – (2 Sam 5:12)
Joseph also told his brothers,
“God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your family alive…” (Genesis 47:7)
Jesus said:
“… I was born for that purpose, and came to bring the truth to the world” (John 18:37)
Sam Adeyemi said “when God puts a seed in your life; He creates a need for that seed”. In fact God has deposited the seed in you because there is a need in the world. You are a man on appointment; you didn’t just come on your own. God has positioned you to provide solution to the need of the world, there’s something expected of you in your family, environment, office, church. You are meant to fill a gap. I have a strong assurance that you were born for something uncommon to happen. You are created for something and not just for anything. People like to follow those who are carriers of light because they know they’ve got answers, clarity and direction of where God is sending them with His deposits.

I was in a fellowship to speak where I was asked that “is it possible to make use of every gift given to us by God?” The bible says whatever your hand finds doing, do it well. David is a warrior, a saviour, a shepherd, a king, a music minister, an inspirational writer and a prophet. God gave you everything so you have to make use of everything. Never underestimate the gifts that are within you. As a believer you must make full use of those gifts that are bestowed upon you, you must enlarge your capacity for more. The greatest threat to being all you could be is satisfaction with who you are.

Whatsoever a man sows in preparation is what he reaps in manifestation. You must not be left out in darkness doing nothing when everyone is trooping into light. There’s a knowledge that launch you into the realization of your destiny. Your future can be predicted by the awareness of your gifts and talents; they give the direction to where you are going. In so doing your thoughts will shift towards the best and become conditioned to its realization. It helps in the fulfilment of your own dream and determines your life course.

“The gifts and calling of God are without repentance”
(Romans 11:29)
The Greek word for repentance in this verse means irrevocable. This tells us that God’s gifts are not loans; they are deposits. They are permanent and enduring. God does not take away His gifts and calling in your life, your responsibility is to respond to it. The gift in you is an abstract talent deposited within you by God which can be brought to reality by yourself.

Therefore, either you have never done anything with them, or you failed time to time while using them, God’s gifts and calling are resident within you. Presently they are still there and you can choose to do something with them beginning from now so as to reach out to souls who are attached to those gifts. Your album must be released, your proposed Christian-only school need to kick off, that business ideas God gave you must be unveil, and the ministry must start now. Apply for that lecturing job to bring down God’s kingdom of holiness and righteousness back to that institution. The solutions God gave to you on marital issues must be released out by speaking or writing. Before you step out, John Mason gave the following steps to follow:
Define you calling
Refine your gifts, talents and strengths
Evaluate yourself
Look for opportunities to exercise your unique, God-endowed gifts and calling.

God has made you for a purpose you are not here by accident. He has a job meant for you which no man is qualified to do. Everything God created is a solution to a problem. Your mouth speaks, your eyes see. Doctors care for patient. Lawyers solve legal problem. Apart from the fact that you are here on earth to solve a problem, you are a solution for the world problem, every man is a solution to another man on earth. That is why your gift and solution must not remain dormant within you. Learn to use the gift you have to solve the problems around you. Elijah was a radical man who functions like God, he creates problems, he sees problems and he solves problems.

“And they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee.”
(Jeremiah 1:19)
In the need to continually strive to attain greater heights and seat for God’s kingdom here on earth. I realised that there’s a place called the peak which is prepared only for you and i.

It’s so amazing to know that everyone in life is created to fulfil destiny. Destiny is the race set before you; it is the run-down of courses and events that dots a person’s life as orchestrated by God which in manifestation blesses the life of that person and everyone who is connected to him or her. Therefore you are not created by accident, you were created to fulfil purpose, lives are attached to your destiny, if you succeed they succeed if you fail they fail. This shows clearly that God is so particular about you; you matter to Him and to the world.

Many times people with distinctive qualities are faced with opposition of different kind. That is why you must understand that the process of reaching the peak of your target is filled with lots of challenges and adversities to overcome and the way there is cumbersome as you may likely know.

One of the most prevalent gimmicks satan use to attack our destiny by ensuring we do not become who God created us to be. he attacks our academics, finances; ministry, children, spouse, career and health because satan knows that all these are helpmeet in the fulfilment of destiny. It gives total focus on God’s plan for our lives, this is why millions of people live life unrewarded with the free gift we received by redemption.

You have a divine harvest waiting for you here on earth and in heaven. satan wants you to enter heaven empty and alone and that is why he is most upset about your progress. It is always true that the way to the throne room is not by sudden flight. There will always be challenges but they mustn’t be an excuse for limitation. Challenges are the price of progress. The obstacles of life are intended to make us better, not bitter. I have this believe and I’ll like you to agree with me as well that satan’s threat is just like a dog that can bark but cannot bite. What energizes his reign in your life is fear. The scripture affirm that
“The things that has been, it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there’s no new things under the sun; is there anything whereof it may be said, see this is new. It hath been already, which was before us”
(Ecclesiastes 1:9-10)
You don’t need to constantly talk about the situation you are going through. Challenges and opposition are common to man. All you need to do is to decide to get through it. What you are experiencing is not new, what makes it new or strange to you is probably because you are experiencing it for the first time. Don’t accept your present and temporary situation as your permanent condition. It is time you make up your mind to get on with your life and fulfil your divine purpose despite your current challenges and opposition in your academics, marital life, ministry and business. All that you experienced is a system that needs to be rooted out once it is discovered.

The plan of God for you as believer is to come out of whatever situation that stands as an opposition because opposition is a negative plan with a room system. Crying without progressive action is a trait of foolishness. Do you know that?
“As pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up and there were the Egyptians, marching after. They were terrified and cry out to the lord. Then the lord said to Moses, why are you crying to me? Tell the Israelites to move on”
I want you to understand that you will never come upon opposition if you are standing still. You will only be opposed if you are moving. There is no force hindering you if you are not going anywhere. If you’re presently facing any opposition as a student, in your place of work and ministry, it is because you are in a progressive and movement mode and there is something so special about you that are yet to be unveiled.
Opposition arises because you are moving forward and the enemy does not want you to have that which God says is yours. Remember that when the Israelites were in Egypt, everything seems to be okay as you are also pleased with your current situation right there in your comfort zone. But immediately their eyes were open to see greater opportunities on the land filled with milk and honey, they move out of their comfort zone to taste the fullness of God’s promise. Your step of faith helps you to work towards something rather than working aimlessly.

Alas! They were faced with pharaoh and the red sea squarely in front of them. They were faced with problem in both sides and fear gripped their heart.

Hardly noticed, Moses was confused despite the fact that there was a glow on His face as a leader. But something was happening on the inside. He was terrified, crying without knowing the way out in this very chaotic and confused moment. In fact his followers said
Vs. 12 “for it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, that we should die in the wilderness”
I know of some set of people who have accepted to serve failure, in fact they love poverty to the extent that if at all there is an open route for escape they prefer to remain at the same spot. There are sisters who are roughly beaten, robbed both spiritually and physically by their so called fiancée, yet they will tell you it is better they stay with him all in the name of love. Mind you it is because they had also agreed that is the best for them. No human or mental strategy can help you to overcome any opposition in life if it is not from God. Crying, shouting and nagging or murmuring is not the weapon to fight against opposition.
The day I stopped expecting my siblings to pay my school bills was the day I discovered I can make things happen. A word from God brings solution to long term problems. The reason you remain in poverty is because you’ve settled that
…It is better for you to serve
In the midst of this unwanted limitation, Moses stood on the edge of the cliff, facing the red sea and spoke the word. Suddenly dry ground appeared under the water. There is a mystery here, the dry ground has already been there, and it was just covered by a temporary opposition- red sea. That’s why no natural man can see opportunities when opposition stand. Only those that are led by the spirit can see what God is seeing in times of distress. Success at the war front largely depends much on the providential opening that is granted.

Like Moses, many of us believers have received spectacular prophecy (to win scholarships, travel abroad, anointed for ministerial work, called in to the music ministry) which are given and revelation impacted. But reality around us makes us realize we’re not yet there.

I know if you and I had an option, we would possibly choose to skip the painful process they went through to get to Canaan land where they will be enthrone as king in their domain.

As a believer, has God promised you a great ministry with great anointing to rule? Yet you are still struggling for survival. Have you found yourself under the agony of the spirit and under daily pressure that seems to be crushing you like Moses? Asking God, “when will you bring about the fulfilment of your word? We know it’s your will for us to do exploit in our career, ministry, marriage, but when lord, when will this come to pass?
The bible says “they that wait upon the lord… they shall mount up with wings as eagles. Moses waited for the lord and had confidence in His word.
You can’t pray off challenges but you can overcome it by revelation through God’s leading. Challenges are breakfast of champions. Without challenges many will remain doldrums. Without challenges, there’s no victory and without victory no trophy.

Have you heard or read about the success story of any individual without tough and difficult times they passed through?
You must have heard about jack ma. Let me drive the nails deeper into the story. He is one of the billionaires with humble beginnings. This man has impacted the entire economy and internet industry of china almost single-handedly. In his early childhood, jack ma failed in his primary school examinations, not once, but twice! He failed thrice during his middle school exams. He was later dismissed by the institution.

When applying to universities after high school, Jack failed the entrance exam thrice. He applied and wrote to Harvard University ten times about being admitted and got rejected each time.

After spending three years to get into a university, jack failed to land a job after applying for them 30 times!
Jack ma, in a recent interview revealed that when he was interviewed at fast food restaurant KFC, 23 out of 24 candidates were selected; only he was rejected. He was also one of the 5 applicants who applied for a job in the police force and was the only one rejected after being told, “No, you’re no good.”
He finally joined Hangzhou Normal University. Jack after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English, worked as an English teacher with a pay of $12 a month.

I learnt that when jack founded Alibaba in 1998, he was met with more obstacles. So many people he talked to at that time about Alibaba said it was the stupidest idea they’ve ever heard of.

Today, Jack ma is now officially the second richest man in China with an established net-worth of $22.7 billion. His E-commerce, Alibaba attracts 10million shoppers a day.

A boxer will not wear the champion’s belt unless he faces a challenge. What we are meant to be, determines what we must go through. Our insensitivity can destroy the process if we refused to cross over it. There’s enough compensation in every limitation. Some things are not gifts, they are reward of patience.

I want you to know that, No challenge must build a personal destiny for you different from the one God ordained. Many people have the mistaken idea that where they are is where they ought to be. Today is the day to begin to walk by faith out of every limitation that crosses your way.
Apostle Paul wrote that “we walk by faith, not by sight”. If you walk by sight, your destiny will always respond and inclined to failure. When you walk by faith, it exhibits your forward motion. It is time to resist limitation and live an unlimited life.

The beautiful part of a success story is not the achievement but what the achiever passed through to succeed. A Chinese proverb says “circumstances are the ruler of the weak, but they are the instrument of the wise.” You must understand that no matter how difficult your challenges may be, it is part of your making and you must stand out to say no to defeats.

Let me remind you that if you must make headways in your pursuits, get ready for oppositions. As you are ready for that, if you’re thinking of defeats, I urge you to get read of such thought, for as you think defeat, you tend to get it. The difference between an average man and an achieving man is their perception of and response to opposition.

Friends, to sum it up, every crown has its own thorn; every level has its own devil. Every Joseph has his prison and palace. There’s no fulfilment of purpose without a good fight with opposition. No matter what the circumstances portend in the natural, God’s abilities supersede and overwrites those auguries.

The covenant we have with Jesus is superior to every circumstance. And he promise us joy in the morning, no matter the academic failure, unemployment, barrenness, sorrow, pain and sickness. God will give you beauty for ashes.

We cannot stop the imminence of limitation but we can decide our response to it. Our rising or falling in life depends on our attitude to change. So ask yourself, what do I do when I don’t know what to do?
It is appalling to realize the number of people who are troubled, defeated, pathetic and made miserable by the problems that arise. They go struggling, confortable with what life offer them. You can permit obstacles to control your mind to the point where they become the dominating factors in your thought pattern.

satan’s greatest deceit is to make you believe that where you are is where you ought to be. Perhaps, that has strengthened your confidence to believe that failure, barrenness, poverty, sickness and unemployment are part of the Christian lifestyle. No! You have to clear your mind off every negative thought that has poisoned your mind-set. This is particularly important for those who are fresh graduates with the mind-set of impossibility, registering in their heart that there is no job. I pray that such thought of defeat will be erase from your mind in Jesus name. The following keys are helpful in quest to cross the borders of limitation.

In Joshua chapter 7 of the bible, the anger of the lord burned against Israelite, they were routed and thirty six of them were killed by the ammonites. Joshua and his people has just experienced opposition, they tore their clothes, sprinkled dust on their head, fell before the ark of the lord as many of us tarry on the mountain today. After much cry, God spoke to him and said
“Stand up! What are you doing on your face?
I sense Joshua began to explain to God what their challenges are but when he realized that God was not moved by his theories and manipulation (crying, nagging and murmuring). He changed his mind in the direction of God’s instruction and follows it strictly and the lord revealed unto him the root of their defeat.

It is worthy to note that when we experience setbacks or opposition, we love to cry, nag and pray when it seems as if God is not ready to answer. Some things need more than prayer for you to walk over your past obstacle. We are liable to destruction if we continue in our wrong doing. In judges 16 when God was with Samson, he was recognized as a mighty warrior, destroying the works of darkness but when God left him, the works of the darkness destroyed him.

Friends, sometimes it is not about prayer, it is doing the right thing at the right time as instructed by God. Most of the stumbling block people complain about is under their own hat. Louis xiv commented. The bible wisdom counsels, “He that has no rule over his own his own spirit is like a city that is broken down without walls.” (Proverbs 25:28).

Moving forward is a progressive state. Your progress is determined by your movement despite the opposition you are facing presently. The monthly salary may not be enough, your family background may be a limitation, a door may be closing in your life, or you lose a certain person who may likely be the breadwinner in your family, you were jilted and hurt in your relationship, that’s not the end of your life.

Yet all opposition is not to be blame on the enemy. There are some things that God desires to grant you, but He want to know if you want those things badly enough to push pass what hinders you and move with him with all your heart. You cannot get something without paying a price. The world only moves for the man who moves himself.

Do you still depend on your friend to read so as to teach you in the examination hall? Take a pause and think if you are moving forward or you are where you use to be.

The lord said to Moses, “why are you crying for help? Tell the people to move forward.”(Exodus 14:15)
God was with Moses not to sympathize with his situation but to make him go far beyond every limitation. He was with him to bring his pursuit into reality. A word from God is enough to move you out of your comfort zone to height of greatness. Mind you, nothing moves until you take a step of faith in action.

As the dry ground remained covered with water, your exploit, kingdom wealth, business ideas, gifts and talent remains dormant until you act on the word of God
Though, it is necessary to pray for breakthrough but prayers without corresponding action will simply leads to frustration. Meanwhile there is no amount of prayer that can substitute for work. Prayer is absolutely necessary but it must be coupled with action. To succeed in life, we must be action oriented. God’s idea plus divine energy without work is simply a springboard to hunger.

Many of us pray for academic success and wish to obtain good grades without reading, or do you expect that people we’ve never meet before would run after us on the street to give us job? If it works out that, it is the exception rather than the rule. Do not take the weight off your feet and expect things to work out for you. Problems remain when you leave it strengthened if you refuse to proffers solution to it. Don’t stand on the promises when all you are doing is sitting in the premises.

Apply for those job opportunities, scholarships, study to show yourself approved, and obtain those forms you are talking about. Move forward now! We have great numbers of gifted and talented people who are so poor and miserable. It is because they allow laziness and it yields nothing in return.

Friends, do something while it is day. The glory of the youth is their strength. Lay your hand on that project; because with God all things are possible.

“Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings he will not stand before unknown men.” (Proverb 22:29)
It is high time you learn how to forget your past failures, setbacks and challenges. It only makes you remain static because it is gone and what has gone cannot be brought back. Truly there are setbacks but you press on towards your goals and vision.

One of the reasons why those who God has raised as city movers and shakers are reduced to wimps and whiners is because they are chained to the past. We all have past. It is our prison, our excuse, or our springboard to the future. And until we break the chain that ties us it, we can never move forward. Pulling down your obstacles, transit you to another level of greatness.

God is very prudent with heaven’s resources. It would not bless you with the miracle you cannot handle. You must press for more if you must receive God’s given idea that will move our lives forward.

One day in Luke chapter 5, Simon peter had fished all night but caught none. But Jesus instructed him to launch into the sea and let down his nets for a catch, peter threw one net. After he did this, there were so many fishes, his net began to break, and he had to call for help. Simon peter’s thinking was very limited that day. One net full of fish was certainly enough miracles when there’s an opportunity to press on.

This happens to us too, probably our level of suffering and failure made us to magnify small successes. This must not deprive or limit the height of our prosperity, success academically and ministerially. It is good to celebrates small success but we must keep on running for bigger goal.

I want you to know that the frustrations that we experience is to separate and train us from boys to men, and to turn our hardship to advantage. Sometimes we are so concern about the fulfilment of our purpose than breaking through the opposition that lies within it.

Joseph was a man with great dreams, authored by God. After being sold to slavery by his brothers, he met himself in Potiphar’s house; he was given total control of all things in that house except Potiphar’s wife.

Alas! Potiphar’s wife released herself for him to also control. This would have given him extra total control over the house of Potiphar or better still eat nice meals daily, but Joseph refused to toil with his destiny. He knew that overcoming opposition is one of the requirements of God in the process of making the son and the fulfilment of destiny. Joseph said “…how then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God” (Gen 39:9)
It takes responsibility and recognition of life purpose to be determined to live above opposition. One important thing about people without vision is that they don’t have life. That’s why they are victim of whatever circumstance that comes their way. A person without a dream is like a walking copse. I don’t want to know how old you are, you are still relevant to this planet earth until regrets replace your dream and you are consistently committed to the process that brings accomplishment.

Two years ago I met a brother who has been writing post utme for almost four times, he obtained of the admission form, he wrote the exam and wasn’t given admission yet. He told me that, that year is going to be the last exam he will ever write the entry exam again if he’s not given admission. Personally I know he has a dream and what God told me was that they wanted his dream to become hallucination. I told him to break the worry habit and give himself to prayer. On getting to the administrative office I was told he scored the highest mark in the department but his document cannot be found. With God, it was found and he was given admission. A difficult time can be more readily endure if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose, a cause to pursue, a person to love and a goal to achieve.

Joseph knew what it takes to achieve God’s purposed purpose. He didn’t mind ending up in prison yard to suffer. He fled from the woman because he knows that opposition projects the wise from the miry clay to the top. See, it takes courage to dare opposition and take your position in God.

Let me state at this junction that to cause a happening, to make something happen and to unveil the abilities and treasures within you, you must breakthrough all divers of opposition. You can only be called a wise man if you break every fallow ground to maintain the greener pasture flourishing every day.

The pursuit of your dream will take you out of your comfort zone, elevated your thinking, gives you confidence and confirmed your sense of purpose. Your pursuit of dream and your personal growth will become intertwined that you can ask yourself “did I make the dream? Or did the dream make me?” No matter what you are doing, when your mind accepts new ideas or learns a new truth, it is forever changed. And once it is stretched, it takes on a new shape and never goes back to its original form
Excuse is a dangerous and affective is a common sickness affecting lives most especially the youth. There will always be an excuse to save ourselves. That is why there are a lot of things you would do if you don’t have any excuse. If I ask you why do you failed that course or wasn’t qualified for a job? You may like likely tell me those lecturers are wicked, in fact the interviewer just hate me with passion.

I will like to assure you that in this age we are, there would no never be any excuse good enough to explain why we had not achieve some goals, or a better result. In a world without hurdles, there are no champions. Without suffering, there are no saints. Without battles, there are no victories .without rain, no rainbows.

Doesn’t it appear to you that a world that includes pain is more rewarding than one that doesn’t? Heat is necessary to provide gold, pressure and polishing are necessary to produce diamonds and opposition are necessary to produce character. Here’s how Henry ford expressed it “Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realise this. We must learn that the setbacks… which we endure help us to march onward”- chuck gallozzi.

Any challenges or opposition are the admission ticket to the game of life. It serves as a severe instructor set over us by one who knows us better than we do ourselves, as he loves us better too. He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skills. Our antagonist is our helper.

When we face opposition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve done something wrong or done a mistake as you think. Asking the lord for His perspective on the challenge that we face and for His guidance as to how to response proportionately and take action proactively enables us to take opposition in stride and channel our energy and efforts towards the solution and victory. As we faithfully carry out of vision to fulfil God’s purpose, we must expect to encounter some forms of opposition along the way from time to time.

“This things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world for you.”
(John 11:33)
Reasons why God will not listen to any excuse is simply because
There is a deposit in Christians that makes for exploit
Everything is freely given to us by redemption
Everything you need is already in your life merely awaiting the recognition of it.

Every person in God’s kingdom is blessed with all spiritual blessings, not only that, we are loaded and deposited with potential which is fully yours, exposed to role models whose success story can be of help to us and book which are documented in both hard and soft copy that are written to inspire and propels us to action. Yet you still have an excuse, of what?
When we live under the influence of opposition and time is counting on us without fulfilling God’s purpose, we are just like the fig tree, using up the ground, consuming fertilizer and taking up space that can be used for something else.

A fool will often look for excuse and explanation for why things are not done, meanwhile what the world need or awaits is not your explanation but your manifestation. Quitting, giving up, failing, judging- all of these begins with an excuse. The time has come when you must never allow an obstacle in your life to become an excuse for not being productive.

In the world today, there have always been men who tried to make excuses to the lord. Jesus told a parable of the great end banquet and the men who were invited to the Lord’s Table in luke14:18-20 (NIV).
But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said, ‘ I have just bought a field, and I must go and see it. Please excuse me; another said, ‘ I have just bought a five yoke of oxen, and I’m on my way to try them out. Please excuse me. Still another said, ‘I just got married, so I can’t come.

All of them made excuses and missed out salvation.

Moses and Gideon made excuses to the lord, yet they recognized that their excuses were not the truth.

In judges 6:15-16, Gideon argued. Stop hiding behind excuse when your identity is to excel. With excuse, you will live your life in a mirage. You must refuse to be intimidated by challenges of life. A man who has discovered the value of God’s plan for his life will not be hold tight by obstacles. The more you exalt you problem, the faster your destiny fades off. Michael Altshuler says “the bad news is that time flies but the good news is that you are the pilot”
Friend successful people are men who understand that there’s a greater opportunity right on the other sides of challenges. The price of victory is won by sending excuse into exile. If not, it sows and grows the seed of impossibility in your mentality. Don’t go around worried, nervous and anxious; the creator of the universe has you in the palm of His hands. Nothing can snatch you away. You don’t have to live your life in fear.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the things happening in your life? Have you been failing a particular course consistently? While you had a friend who is a brilliant student and you think you were consigned to failure. Haven’t you realized that those who failed to get high grades in school have been the greatest successful men outside of school. It is not about CGPA, it’s all about making impact. Matthew Ashimolowo said, there is no future in jobs or certificates, it is in visionaries. Even if God gives you solution, you will still generate another excuse. Mind you, every excuse is an entry into another failure.

Failure is never final. We all experience failure and make mistakes; successful people always have more than average people do. Great people throughout history have all failed at some point in their lives. What brings the difference is their determination to succeed irrespective of the challenges on their way. They don’t believe and accept limitation to keep them from winning and doing exploit in life. The challenges that lie behind and before us are tiny matters compared to God’s seed of greatness placed within us.

He was born as a poor man, at age nine he lost his father. He did not allow the death of a bread winner to stop him. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in1964 when this indefatigable defender of human right desired the formation of a free and democratic for all people, black and white.

After 27 years imprisonment in 5 different prisons, Nelson Mandela walked out of victor vester prison a free man. He was elected democratically as the first black president of South Africa until 1999.he rise to the pinnacle.

Friends, have you resolved in your heart that nothing, I mean absolutely nothing will be strong enough to stop you from breaking new fallow grounds?
Bishop Oyedepo said, “There is no unbreakable record in the world, only the breaking price scares people”. Great men’s decision to live beyond the mentality of the majority spurred them to think consciously, effect a positive change for indelible contribution and make them become a wonder to those around them. Nothing significant can be achieved by men whose mind-sets have been corroded with excuse.
A day of accountability is coming and it is nearer than we imagine when the owner of our potentials, talents and the resources within will definitely ask us how much we are able to make profit with His investment in us .

Joni has written more than 25 books. She is a great and exceptional painter of global repute. She paints with brush between her teeth. Her challenge was not strong enough to cap her potential.

In 1967, as a teenager, Joni Eareckson Tada broke her neck in a shallow lake. This bitter experience paralysed Joni’s neck down.

Excellence is striving to do your best to be exceptional. It is surpassing others in some good qualities; that is who you are above others with outstanding qualities. This is what will bring you out of the prison to the palace.
To be excellent is to be first rated, top notch, unsurpassed, magnificent and first class. Excellence whichever way it comes is not meant for animals. It is for you. It is not what you do but who you are. It deals with a personal commitment by working above the mentality of the majority
Exploits and manifestation of excellence has been endowed on you which is the highest level of operation and responsibility. It is a heavy honour coupled with heavy responsibility. It is a big honour to be called an excellent man and it goes with responsibilities, so your excellence is invariably determined by how far you accept your responsibilities.

God believes in standard and that’s why there are certain standard you must set for you to have a high level of excellence.

The quality of a man is directly related to his commitment to excellence regardless of his chosen field of endeavour. It is the deterrent to sexism and racism. A drowning man will not bother whether you are a man or woman or whether you are black or white as long as you have the answer to his safety.

This is the reason why excellence works far beyond your area of specialisation. You can study social Igbo/social studies but if you have the answers to the economy recession, you will be celebrated. You course of study does not have final say over your destiny.

Joseph was a slave in Egypt but the spirit of excellence made him to become a prime minister. No account was recorded of him that he studied business management or administration. Daniel possess the spirit of excellence despite the odds he faced, he reigned in the land of captivity in Babylon for four generations. Excellence made him to rise from a slave to become a governor.
Your background is a non-issue when you excel. A touch of excellence will put you ahead of others. Who told you that you can’t excel during this season of serious hardship and financial crisis?
The following qualities are inevitable for you to excel
Excellent people do things differently
Until you are ready to be different, you cannot make any difference. Excellent people do common things in an uncommon way and uncommonly well. I remember during my primary school days, we were taught this classic song “good better best, I shall never rest until my good is better I shall never rest”. Your good isn’t enough if better is still possible. Who told you that there’s no room at the top? Do you have what it takes to get there?
Have you for once sit and think of the reason why your course mate excel more than you do or your colleagues whom you both got employed was promoted and yet you are in that still position. In this age we are, excellent is not about experience, it is about your uniqueness, attitude and mental persistence.

To be outstanding you must put on the red hat, you must stand out of the crowd. Be known for the best in your department, office. Zaccheus wanted to see Jesus clearly and well. He move above everyone and climbed the sycamore tree, which was how he was noted by Jesus. He never allows his small stature to rob him of the greatest need-salvation. If you are afraid to be different or you allow inferiority complex, you can’t make a difference. You desire to marry a good husband, whereas you base your affair on the parameters of your friends.

Jesus did something no one else did in the synagogue. He converted the synagogue to a miracle domain instead of being a place of debate. His fame spread abroad because of that innovation- mark 1:24-26.

People are naturally driven towards excellence. If you want to be successful, add excellence to what you do. Stop complaining about hatred, failure or money. If you can sing well, it is never enough if you can sing better. If you can speak, write; teach well or you play musical instrument good, it is not enough if better is still possible.

If you are doing what everybody is doing, you are simply unnecessary. Elliot M. Estes said “if something has been done a particular way for fifteen or twenty years, it is pretty good sign. In this changing time, it is being done in the wrong.” The reason why a lot of business, schools and ministry are not experiencing changes and timely growth is due to our ignorant to the timely growth. Growth is not a limited or static phenomenon. It deals with time and as time goes, different and new features come to limelight. Whatever it is that you are doing, do it better.

Excellent people are teachable
There are some categories of people I know on campus which you know as well, before the lecturer raise two point, you will see them behaving as if they know all and I have learnt to understand that most of them do fail. Why? It is simply because they are not teachable. If you have somebody who knows what you don’t know, it means the person know more than you and to learn what he knows, you must be submissive, humble and meek.

There was a time I was at home for break and I’m in need of something which I knew a friend of mine know. I had to undertake the training under the tutelage of a close friend where my knowledge was expanded, exposed to new realities and changed my mentality about life. I spent over a month for practical instructions on that particular subject. He thought me how to reason and think about solution whenever problem arises. Even if I have any idea of what he’s teaching me, I’ll be willing to hear; quick to learn and open to counsel.

When you are exposed to learning, it graduates into success and when success is exposed to learning, it graduates into continuous success per excellence. Teachable people are always open to new ideas and are willing to learn from anybody who has something valuable to offer. Pride will never make you teachable. If you have spiritual ego, nobody can correct you in your office of the wrong you did, you are not teachable. Pride will deprive you from what you need to be proud of in the future. It is better for you to put off that armour of pride.

According to Matt Mc Williams, there are four uncommon traits of highly teachable people. Check and see if you’ve got them

They shut up- that doesn’t mean they are not wise, cool headed or don’t know what to say. They don’t talk much other than ask questions.

The dig deep – they are inquisitive. They ask questions, break things down and dig deep into the content with the instructor or mentor.

They don’t try to impress their teacher- we all want to show off. Admit it. Even when the most gentle and humble person in the world want to be perceived as intelligent. But in a learning situation, teachable people don’t try to impress, they seek to understand.

They ask questions they think they already know the answers to- this is the hallmark of a great learner. Highly teachable not afraid to ask questions about the things they think they already know answer to. I’m not referring to factual knowledge i.e. if you know who the president of Nigeria is, please don’t ask. But when it comes to excelling in life, you don’t assume you have the answer. Assume your own ignorance and don’t be afraid or unwilling to ask the seemingly easy question.

They are capable of knowing when they are wrong and admitting it.

Excellent people maximize their time
“Walk in wisdom… redeeming the time”
(Colossians 4:5)
It should not be a surprise to you that you don’t get a second chance with the time you spend in any given day. To go through life without fulfilling destiny is a waste and abuse of time. Time investment is a cogent key to excel in life and parameters that helps in the fulfilment of destiny. To get control of your life, first get control of your time. How? You may ask. It is by directing every of your minutes towards a worthy purpose.
It is through discovery of purpose that you can maximize your time to explore the hidden ability and potential in you. The quality of our life is determined by how discreet we are in investing our time wisely. It is of truth that God determine the number of our day, but we determine how they are spent. If your time is spent always chatting, partying, clubbing or watching porn on sites, know that you are squandering your time and before you know it, you have nothing to point at as your achievement.

Nothing is more costly than time. It is your most personal resources which must be spend with the right people. The psalmist communing with God says
“Teach us to number our days, and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should”
(Psalm 90:72)
Greatness is willed to everyone but true greatness is not an inheritance willed to anyone, it comes with a total sense commitment to responsibilities by making proper use of time. If what you gain monthly in a business is fifty thousand naira, whereas your co-marketer is gaining one hundred and fifty thousand, which is greatness for you but true greatness is when you excel above them. I know you will react by saying what of if he use charm to score high grade or she makes incantation every morning before opening the shop. What’s your concern about that? But may I tell you that if she uses fake, why you can’t use the original you have to also make exploit. Stop making excuse when you are not a Pharisee.

Have you ever sit down and compare your time and achievement? We must skilfully utilize every opportunities time present to us. God is not a water, He is an investor and that is why you must be conscious of time investment, not time spending. Your mobile phone or staying online can take your time if you what you do on it brings productivity.

William pen wrote, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”. Even if three hours is given to solve a problem in an examination hall, believe me many will still lament for more time. And it is because we fail to take total responsibility of our time.

Excellent people choose the right relationship
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”
(Proverbs 27:27NIV)
Every goal needs a guide before it becomes gold but do you know there are some friends that can’t add value but can take away the one you have? Such people must be kept out of your life. Solomon wrote, “Become wise by walking with the wise;” (proverb 13:20) I think I need to tell you that there are three people you need to walk with if you must excel in life.

Those who are already there
Those who know how to get there
Those who stretch you and
Those who refuse to remain a prisoner in a world of ignorance.

Walking with those whose insight is not deeper than your own makes you a lesser person. If you the type starving for success, getting things move and doing exploit in life is to get around with achievers. Learn from them and watch how they work. Limiting yourself to those who robs you of your personal growth and development kills the special abilities in you.

One of the prayers I pray over and over again is that as I grow, God will bring just the right person in to my life with two things I need from them; the knowledge and the willingness to share it. I wonder how a gifted and talented sister with content will have no choice than to marry a man who doesn’t believe in what she does forgetting that relationship is a life and life is a school and every new acquaintance is a teacher.

Bob Gass noted that the key to right relationships for your life lies in listening. Relationship is a school of knowing and learning. Never move with anyone who does not listen; talk less of sharing your passion for the things you believe and ought to do together. There are some issues that can’t be corrected even if you teach it. Can you teach somebody to care? If they don’t believe in your potential, comfortable with your uniqueness, see through impossibilities with you and influence you positively, they will surely affect you, ruining your productivity with criticism and excuses.

I read the story of the scorpion and the frog; I guess you will like to know what happen between them.

One day a scorpion asked a frog to carry him across the river on his back because he couldn’t swim. The frog replied, “But how do I know you won’t sting me while we’re crossing? The scorpion replied, “If I do that, we’ll both drown!” after thinking about it, the frog told him to hop on.

Half way across the river the scorpion stung it him anyway. As they were drowning, the frog said to the scorpion, “But you promised you wouldn’t; why did you sting me?” the scorpion replied, “I couldn’t help it, it’s my nature to sting.”
On a final note, friendship is not by force, it is by choice. We need to walk away from toxic relationships we recognize before they take you down with them. Don’t try to test it before you know the end point.

If God always send someone to correct you; it is because he loves you. He does that only to those he values.


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