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This is a picture of a wall that has been pasted with numerous pages from several books. These pages comprise of countless “WORDS”. This image thus successfully displays a string of words and hence highlights what symbolizes power to me. I believe that words are the unsung heroes in our lives. No one realizes how important they are until we’re robbed of the means to articulate our thoughts. Every word that is uttered, written, printed or typed holds massive power. The ultimate purpose of words is not destructive but creative, and it is this very power of words which is a fundamental reality upon which any civilized society pivots. In the course of my own history, I was fascinated by the power of words from a very young age. I was all but nocturnal in my childhood years, reading under the covers with a flashlight and ruining my eyes, spending long and sleepless nights poring over Agatha Christie, Meg Cabot, and Enid Blyton. The very fact that storytelling was not a dead art at all, but rather, a vibrant, living one, fascinated me and inexplicably took hold of my consciousness from the outside in. Words have had an immense control over many aspects of my life thus stimulating me to pick this picture.Words are explosive. A single one can destroy a friendship, can start or end an uprising. The right phrases in the mouths of clerks have quadrupled the sales of a store. The wrong words used by a campaign orator have cost him an election. Four unfortunate words- “Rum, Romanism and Rebellion”- used in a Republican campaign speech threw the Catholic vote and the Presidential victory to Grover Cleveland. This clearly shows that words affect each of our lives tremendously as they are a medium of exchange. If idioms are true and the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, then words have the power to inspire and influence others and to capture the hearts of humanity and help them achieve clarity of vision. Through words, we can relive every moment we have ever felt, communicate our feelings, influence and persuade people. Words have the power to shape one’s personality and destiny. They have the power to change the direction of history and the direction of one’s life. However, the most important thing about them is that they tell stories. They recount the tragedies and epics of the world and teach us lessons that we could never comprehend on our own. Words are the coins with which we do business with all those around us. The key to being understood by others is not only know how to think but also know how to put into words what they think. We have power over our words which in turn is power over our thoughts. Words are instrumental to ensure the continuity of cultures and traditions. When we change the words we use to describe ourselves and our experiences, we can influence our thoughts. By doing so we can alter the way we see our world. Words have more power than we can even imagine. Words are like paint on a canvas; a subtle change in the choice of words like a change in colours or brushstrokes can cause an immense change in the outcome. They dance across our mind and shed light on emotions and feelings of the past. With a simple sentence, words can shatter a heart or mend a broken one. Words are terrifying because they can both create and destroy, confidence as well as relationships. Words are formidable. Words are devastating. Words are empowering. Words are beautiful and endless and capable of unifying in a way that connects minds from every age and every world, real or spiritual. While clicking this picture, I pondered over how the words I would choose to write this assignment would prove if I failed or succeeded in putting forth my views. It dawned on me how words exist everywhere and we fail to give the acknowledgment that they deserve. It struck me that if it weren’t for the power of words, I wouldn’t be writing this at all.  

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