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This is an everydaystory of nurturing friendships where people share a common goal of learning anddevelopment.  After searching for therelevant location(s) and as reflected in the sketch storyboard the groupdecided on an “every day” story of someone meeting with friends, a journeystarting from one’s near home.  The timeframe is a wintery set, a very cold climate, when a best option is to get inthe warm and share a hot drink as a signifier of the need for confort andrestoration to start again the journey in the cold.

The opening scenedepicts Claudia’s walk to the station and to emphises her journey we see herencountering and coming across other people, perhaps in the same situation.  Then the storyline pics up a new character,namely Paola, when Claudia reached the appointment venue.  They greet each other and finally share a mostawaited hot drink.  In this instance thetwo pictures selected for the restaurant settings shows warmer hues  to signify warmth, in contrast to the stark outside’sblue tones, when the two friends leave the bar at which point Carmen takes thestage as well and after waiving goodbyes to Claudia the remaining two saw theirway to University, stopping once more for a hot drink, whilst Claudia “left” tore-join later in class.Subjects reached theUniversity and entered its doors, as depicted in the revolving doors images asa signifier of entering another sphere, across various vertical barriers, thelearning environment, a haven that would help students enhance their existingskills as well as having the opportunity to draw on new experiences.  Once inside the campus we finally met withMoses as it can be observed in the capture of him talking to the tutor beforejoining in our group work.In the outside frames weused the location surroundings – the streets of Holloway Road – to frame eachof us in sharp focus against the backdrop of the city set in a shallow depth offield in order to be the signified subjects of our own journey.

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  Meanwhile the almost constant blue tones ofthe pictures has been an original mistake, as the camera had been set to”incandescent” light balance and from which the conscious decision, after thefirst picture in Queens Walk, has been agreed to pursue it as a persistentvalue to depict the very cold climate of the day, giving the picture an icylook.  Other elements in the compositionand to render visual movements across the story are the diagonal lines that acrossmost of the images create repetitive patterns, functioning as bookmarks again fromone image to the next.  The ISO settingswere not taken into consideration as the decision was taken to give priority tothe aperture.  In retrospect we realisedit has been a mistake as a higher value ISO would have increased sensitivity to light and a better choice would have beento set it at 200 instead of the 100 option selected.In summary an ordinarystory has acquired the indexical value of how we wanted to  explore happenings.

  We were all enjoing the surroundings of peopleand spaces, whilst focusing on the target direction, that is the universitycampus whilst consciously we were creating a ‘spectacle’ of busy daytime lifeand what it is like to work on Holloway Road.

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