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This is an analyst angle article
which explains the important reasons or factors for the best Wi-Fi experience
and use of the factors like where & why we need them? Mainly the article
concentrates on the increase in the data usage through the Wi-Fi than the LTE
by user. From the CISCO reports we can see how badly the users are dependent on
the Wi-Fi than the LTE, nearly 11 Exabyte per month (1EB = 1billion gigabytes)
which is hell of a lot of data. In order to maintain such high data stream we need
top end speed performance which turns our heads to the 802.11ac which provides
a high throughput WLAN’s such as 1 GB/s on multi station link and at least 500
MB/s on single link. In order to achieve such high throughput we need to have a
higher network manageability, efficiency and capacity which is provided by the
802.11 k, v and r standards. The above standards are about how a client can
change from one AP to another AP while in motion and how the change occurs. The
802.11k deals with choosing the best AP when surrounded by a lot of AP’s. It
follows a certain steps to choose the best one, first it is connected to AP
which has the best signal strength by using probe signals – asks the connected
AP about other nearby AP’s – it gives a neighbor list – based on the list it
switches to the next best AP nearby. The 802.11v deals with the clients in
motion/roaming. When the client is in motion the connected AP will have a low
signal strength, it then warns the user about it and also gives information about
other AP’s nearby which has a strong signal strength. This removes the notion
of the user connected to a default AP with a low signal strength. The 802.11r
enables fast roaming when the users are connected to different AP’s on the same
network, it provides a sort of authentication shortcut where the device need
not have to disconnect and connect back from changing from one AP to another,
which reduces the reconnection duration and enhances the user experience. All
the above factors enhances the network efficiency, maintenance and capacity
which in turn enhances user experience. 

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