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Things They Carried Tim O?Brien?s The Things They Carried is a tale that deals not only with the risk of war, but also with the emotional effects it has on the young soldiers. Lt. Jimmy Cross is the designated leader. All of the men in the troop carried various items with them, both physically and emotionally. After the death of one of his soldiers, Cross is forced to reexamine his actions and realize the mistakes he has made. Although this man cares for his men, he does not fulfill his responsibilities. Throughout the story, it became clear to me that Lt. Jimmy Cross will not be able to forget about Martha, and that he is not an effective military leader.

The things that Lt. Cross carries are different than the rest of the men. He carries memories and mementos of Martha, and these things fascinate him. ?Lieutenant Cross carries two photographs of Martha? (O?Brien 420).

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These pictures control his mind. The author says that ?Cross often wondered who had taken the picture, because he knew she had boyfriends, because he loved her so much, and because he could see the shadow of the picture taker spreading out against the brick wall? (420). cross, martha, men, things, realize, lavender, rest, pictures, lt, jimmy, death, carries, carried, because, about, young, war, soldiers, picture, one, often, now, mistakes, military, man, leader, late, guilt, forget, dead, carelessness, after, able, 430, 420, wondered

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