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These days, in
more often than not, at whatever point we consider about Islam, we instantly
picture suicide bombing, jihad, terrorism, violent protests, and hidden ladies
in the Middle East. That implies we, unknowingly, have a feeling of negative
sentiments towards the Islam community. Particularly when we consider a Muslim
lady, we quite often think they are the casualties who are experiencing gender
discrimination, inequality and justice. In any case, when I was young, at
whatever point I found and met with Muslim female companions, every one of them
are cheerful, inviting and serene thus I came to have questions about of gender
discrimination inside the Muslim community. I attempt to make the examination
of gender inequality issues in the Islam community. As I would like to think,
it is essential to think about another religion and culture appropriately,
furthermore, we can influence wrong judgments on another religion and we too
can even make wrong allegation and disgraceful insults on them.


When we truly
want to understand the entire circumstance as an unbiased analyst, we should be
extremely cautious in criticizing another religion. When we investigate Qur’an,
we can find that the fundamental premise of Qur’an is that women are
spiritually and ethically equal to men. In a verse included in the Qur’an it
states “The Believers, men and women, are protectors, one of another: they
enjoin what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practice regular charity,
and obey God and his apostle.” In most cases, it is particularly accepted that
gender equality has been available in western nations long time prior. In any
case, it is critical to take note of that, until a hundred years ago, Western women
had for all intents and purposes for no rights in law. It implies gender
inequality has been set up for a significant amount of time in Muslim
community, as well as in a considerable amount of countries around the globe.

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Since I’m from
an Islamic nation, Somalia has dependably been the nation I have to take in
more knowledge of, I have no beneficial involvement in Somalia therefor I can
keep a point of view of an anthropologist, I will be objective on whatever
Somalia’s view on gender looks like to me. Somalia is viewed as the most
corrupt nation on the planet, Somalia is partitioned into numerous tribes,
there is just a single thing those tribes have in common, and that is their
view on Islam and their view on how women should live in Somalia, the women in
Somalia are ideally expected to be the human in doors at all time, so far there
have been no women who have control over a tribe, women additionally must be
compelled to marry a man, they don’t have anything to state to these laws,
despite the fact that in the Quran it said that men and women are equal, the
Somali individuals chose to move in the opposite direction of that reality. The
thing that had astounded me was the point at which I discovered how men choose
how women should live, men transform women into killers since it is a sin for a
human to slaughter another human. Not only does the greater part of the women
who live in Somalia been raped, however the vast majority of the men who are as
of now married tend to rape another man’s wife. The equality in gender in
Somalia is an extremely far off target to accomplish at the moment, unless the
nation economy reaches to the point where education and an appropriate
lifestyle for each child is reasonable it could be feasible for the nation
create and leave its corrupt side far from itself.


When we looked
at the Quran, it became obvious that the Islam religion itself is not against
the fact that every man and women are equal, this view changes depending on the
country, whether its historical and economic factors, on top of that the Quran
has been interpreted by male scholars and for that reason it could be possible
for the ideal equality for both men and women could be possible in any Islamic


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