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There are several reasons why I chose Brunel University, and the course
Physiotherapy BSc. I did some research which led me to your website where I found
out that your physiotherapy course is rated first in London by national student
survey. I did some more digging on it, and saw that Brunel university have 39%
international students. These statistics gives me an idea of how good Brunel is
as a University for an international student. In addition to the facts above, I
have been recommended to choose Brunel among other universities by a current Physiotherapy
student at Brunel.


Many relate physiotherapy as a sports related work field, but
physiotherapy is much more than that. The main reason why I chose physiotherapy
is because of the service I can provide to people for maintaining their health.
I can help them to develop, maintain and restore maximum movements and their
functional ability as well. I want to maintain health for people at all stages
of life. Physiotherapy is something that helps to restore movements and
functions in the body when a person is effected by an injury, illness or disability.
There are several methods to treat a patient such as therapeutic exercise,
modalities and hydrotherapy. Physiotherapists can work at various places. By
doing research I found out that many students start working right after
completing their study. You can work as a physiotherapist after a bachelor
degree. You can work at a clinic, hospital, school and elderly home. You can
also work in the sports field where you treat typical sports injuries.

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What my goal would be after a bachelor is to take a master degree
within neurological physiotherapy. I have already done a research on several
different masters or courses I can take after a bachelor, but neurology is
something that caught my eye. That is because you work with people who has been
through severe pain or shock. I would get the chance to help people who have
been through heart attacks, strokes, spinal injuries etc. I would be able to
help them maintain their movements with this type of knowledge. This is some of
the reasons for why I chose Brunel University. That is because Brunel is
offering a master in neurological physiotherapy.


Why I should be considered as an ambassador for this university and
this course is because I already got experience from my college. At my college,
I was the student council representative for my class for 3 years, and have been
in charge of all the social days at this college. As a person, I prefer
teamwork. I am a person who likes to be around people and socialize with them. I
am very talkative and take initiative whenever I get the opportunity to do so.


I hope I am eligible for this opportunity to be an ambassador for a
great university I can represent I different aspects.


Best regards


Hashir Hussain

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