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There was chaos in the air as another argument broke out on the streets of the city. The topic: the never changing manufacturing system. Some claim that it’s been this way since the 17th century and a change is needed. Others say that the everlasting system of farming, making your own goods, is the way to go. This isn’t how life truly is, is it? Maybe, maybe not Industrialization has been a controversial topic for a long while now and while most would say it was obvious, and that Industrial Revolution had a very positive outcome in society, some would even say it has shaped common lifestyle’s today, that it has brought on so many amazing inventions that shaped the way we live, that it had produced mostly positive effects, but some disagree. Now while some of those things may be true, the Industrial Revolution has also brought on some extremely negative impacts on society, such as the factories were polluted, dirty, unsafe, they had long working hours, and never had any breaks. The machines were very unsafe and resulted in various injuries. And last but most certainly not least there was child labor, it was cheaper to have children work and they were easier to control.


Essentially, some of the first negative impacts that the Industrial Revolution had on society are that the factories were polluted, dirty, unsafe, they had long working hours and never any breaks. Now while what they produced was beneficial, in the conditions it was produced in was harsh on the workers, now most back then would say that that could care less because they weren’t the ones working and suffering. But what if you were, what if you were the ones bending over backward to produce things you couldn’t even have because they pay was too little to even barely survive on, we’re not only talking about grown adults, we are also talking about children. Little children, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, cousins, and grandchildren. So, no one can say that they are just adults and they can handle themselves, because most of those people children or otherwise had little to no choice what they did, as long as it was some form of money they would do whatever was told of them to do

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Furthermore, some of the negative impacts that the Industrial Revolution had on society are that, the machines were very unsafe and resulted in various injuries. These factories not only produced goods they also produced plenty of injuries, for instance, say that a factory worker had broken their arm in a machine while at their job and a lot licensed professional back then didn’t have much to go on as far as lining broken bones up because x-rays had yet to be fully functional until 1895. So, in the early year of the revolution doctors where just going in blind folded when it came to broken bones. Now since the body will start the healing process. If the two ends of the broken bone are not lined up properly, it can heal with a deformity called a Mal-union. And that may entirely affect the way a person would/could live which could in turn affect how they work as well, possibly resulting in that said person getting fired.


Moreover, some of the negative impacts that the Industrial Revolution had on society is, there was child labor as briefly mentioned previously, but as I was saying. Child labor, it was cheaper to have children work, as they were easier to control, more so than a grown adult, children were keener on listening and following direct orders from supervisors. Children were simply just the way to go in the eyes of a factory owner, remarks from former Prime Minister Disraeli provides a view of factory life to be not entirely impossible, but brings to attention the crushing isolation and solitude to which children as young as four or five were subjected to daily. He does not mention any notions of beating the workers but seems to believe that isolation is the worst torture of all. Voicing the darker side of factory life, there is a piece of evidence pertaining to what went on behind the scenes in a testimony to the Sadler Committee, in the transcript from a child laborer, he speaks of how he had to work sixteen hours from the age of six, only had a lunch break of forty minutes on the best of days, and had to fear beatings if he was too slow in his work. Since the young boy testifying actually worked in a factory, lived in these conditions and worked those long hours, it is safe to say that he was not making this up. A factory worker at this young age would have no real agenda to bring down the company, so the words he spoke had to have been the truth. 


Admittedly, one cannot deny that the Industrial Revolution has had plenty of positive notions set forward such as vast improvements made in the manufacturing industry around this time. As you know, before this time of industrialization, production of goods was very unproductive. But, with the induction of many new technologies like the assembly line, many positive repercussions were contributing to the growing list of positive effects of industrialization. First of all, with their new productiveness, many people’s salaries were being raised. “The poor could afford what the rich could not before afford.” This is a quote from Andrew Carnegie that just goes to show how drastic of a change in salaries that were a positive result of industrialization. Along with the higher salaries, many workers’ hours were being lowered. This resulted in more people having more leisure time, and more money to spend. With this leisure time, Americans were able to enjoy things unknown to them before- spectator sports, new types of music, and even movies! Also, the growing trend of industrialization in the manufacturing world allowed cities to grow and flourish; for, most manufacturing jobs were located in major cities. Since most of the time this meant overcrowding, we were able to grow by finding new ways to solve these problems. Things like skyscrapers, bridges, and new transportation were things we thought up of to help use solve our problems. Finally, improvements in the manufacturing industry because of industrialization allowed more technology to invented and bought at a more affordable price. This included things such as the high-tech machinery. As you can clearly see, manufacturing improvements were a huge positive effect of industrialization.


            Therefore, while most may believe that the Industrial Revolution had no negative results, I can understand why you think that, but alas I can’t find it in myself to agree. While there is ample evidence to support your claims, there is also ample evidence to support my claims as well. And unlike other’s I will not overlook these claims, as they are just as valid as any other. This essay is not to try to force you to change your views on this topic, to be honest, this topic may be a very complex and devastating to hear but, as I have written it you need to know the all the facts, and these are them.

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