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There are many different family structuresin the world. For example, two heterosexual parents and children, singleparents and children, same-sex parents, education level and others. Eachdifferent family structure shapes the world in certain way. The various formsof family could have different effects on the children. Based on the Googleresearch, one of the best and healthiest family structures is two heterosexualparents with children.

This structure provides a good foundation for children’sgrowth, the father influences the boy, punishes the child, protects the female bodyin the family and the mother’s body, nurtures and teaches children’s values??and ethics as they can. How toparents think of children? Or more importantly, what should they expect? Allparents have their own views on whether this question is correct. Throughoutthe world, parents are trying to raise their children as much as they can,mostly like them, or maybe better. Different family structures shape theindividual’s perception of the world and define a good society. The manydifferent family structures that shape the individual’s perception of the worldand the value of that person to a good society depend on many factors.

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Each ofthese factors constitutes a new family experience that individuals use to viewthe world. Howimportant are parents in a child’s life? In my opinion, parents are extremelyimportant in the raising of their children. Children need support to survive inthe “real world.” Parents are the only people who can gives them supportin arising of their life. Parents are the most important and influential people to every childencounter in existence on this earth. Therefore, Parents expectation to children stand animportant in every section.

Parents expectation could tell child what is important to them andestablish the criteria that child can fight for.Background of the story

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