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“There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love. ” This line really struck me when I first read it. At first glance, such words quite obviously appear harsh and cold but this aphorism is really Just a stone-cold truth, one most people are not entirely comfortable with. The majority of said people who might question the ethics of such a statement would most likely be those who are on the receiving end of such a comment or rather the indifference of a past lover; the one who is broken-hearted.

However, in my seventeen years of existence although I eave broken a few hearts myself, I’m sure, I have also had my heart broken and I am entirely able to understand and accept this aphorism as the truth. Now, of course this understanding does not bring me any semblance of peace when I am brushed to the side by some boy, no one likes to be rejected. I have learned the hard way though that it is Just downright impossible to force anyone to feel something they don’t feel, attempting to do so only makes you appear pathetic, or as the aphorism above states, “ridiculous”.

Being on the other side of things, the one in control, the one who feels thing for the person standing in front of them, I know how silly it is to watch that very person grovel and grasp at straws trying to mend a love that no longer exists. It’s possible to still think they’re a really great person and offer the clickГ© over regurgitated line of “we can still be friends”, but there really is no coming back from feelings of indifference for someone, at least in the romantic sense.

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Now that is not to say that it’s impossible to be decent when telling someone they’re no longer a romantic interest simply because any dramatic response they may come up with will almost surely seem entirely ridiculous in nature. I have never and never will purposely try to belittle or hurt someone because they are no longer appealing to me as Dorian does with Sibyl Vane.

While this aphorism could be seen as suggesting that it is acceptable to laugh cruelly at your ex-lovers as they sob at your feet, I believe it should not be analyzed in this way. It is simply stating a fact of the human condition; if you do not care for someone in a deep and personal way, whether it be an ex-lover or a beggar on the street, it is rarely possible to feel much more than pity for this person. -MET There is always something so ridiculous By molecular

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