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Numerous theories are presented briefly in your text as they refer to crisis responding. Theories offer clinicians increased understanding of the human reactions to crisis as well as guide the clinicians’ choices of interventions. Theories are identified as pertinent to both crisis and crisis intervention. Summarize the contributions of at least two counseling theories that you can relate to the Equilibrium Model introduced in this unit.

The Equilibrium model is actually a model of equilibrium/disequilibrium in that the coping skills an individual would normally use are not able to meet their needs at the time of a particular crisis (James, 2008). The goal of this model would be to stabilize the individual so s/he returns to a state of equilibrium s/he was at prior to the crisis (2008).Two counseling theories I can relate to the Equilibrium model would be Client-Centered therapy (CCT) and Gestalt therapy.

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With CCT the therapist believes that the client has within them the tools needed to cope with their problems if approached with genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard (Brodley, 2006).In a crisis, from the perspective of the equilibrium model, the individuals current coping strategies are not working for them, however by using the tenets of CCT the therapist can help the client to tap into new coping skills and problem solving techniques that the client was not aware s/he had, hence returning to “precrisis equilibrium” (Caplan as cited by James, 2008, p. 14).With Gestalt therapy one of the goals is for the individual to move from environmental support to self-support (Grant, n.

d.) which I view as being a state of equilibrium that the individual was at prior to the crisis that Caplan (as cited by James, 2008) talks about. Using Gestalt therapy in a crisis focuses on the here and now and uses “how” and “what” questions as well as experiments and exercises (Grant, n.d.

) in order to help the individual to find new problem solving techniques and coping mechanisms.ReferencesBrodley, B. T. (2006).

Client-initiated homework in client-centered therapy. Journal Of Psychotherapy Integration,16(2), 140-161. doi:10.1037/1053-0479.16.2.140 Grant, S.

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(2008). Approaching crisis intervention. In Crisis Intervention Strategies (pp. 3-21). (6th ed.) Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

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