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A Project Presented to The Faculty of SIT College Shaw In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Abstract Ice Cream store located at barraging San Nicolas Paisa City is currently using manual operation particularly in ordering, billing and inventory management that caused the day to day operation more complicated that caused problem.

The proponents decided to develop a Computerized Ordering and Billing System with Inventory Management for the said company. This system will help the company to enhance their daily transaction particularly in ordering and inventory. Thus this will definitely help out the store to review their sales income and important records of the product which will definitely add some improvement on their sales and inventory thru out the year.

It is really important to keep some records of the sales movement for the preceding year so you can adjust on the needs of the store and probably make some changes that you can view as an improvement for the lacking of potential product needs or approach on the market, that can change or ether we say an improvement for their existing system. Prepare Now a days it is really hard to compete with other companies especially when you still using the old way or using the manual operation on their day to day transaction.

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The technique and approach on customer transaction that sometimes leads to complication like slow service which is very inconvenient for those people who value their time. The Ice Cream Store in Simian is using the manual ordering, billing and sales inventory which cause too much time and effort for the employee. If they are using the computerize information system they can used their extra time in innovating, cleaning the store specific areas and especially assisting the customers additional needs. Introduction In Business like merchandising Ordering and billing system with inventory management plays an important role in the industry.

It is used to track transaction made by the business and responsibility for the item supplies. All the business transaction must be properly recorded and must be fully secured by password. A computerized system is the best solution and most innovated answer for their needs. 1. 1 Background of the Study Sales and inventory system is an effective way for monitoring and tracking efferent product and materials being transferred in and out the companies warehouse or establishments it is also important for a company to monitor their stocks.

However in some establishment or company the inventory of the product is done manually in such a way that an employee rights down the information of each product every time it is transferred in and out the room. The same way apply in ice cream store as a result the sales and inventory system become prone to human error and will be more time consuming which will be more likely be a lost for the company’s revenue. Ice Cream Store in Simian has their corresponding form for every income or outgoing items.

This form serves as a basic comparison when inspecting. That is the amount of items being tallied for everyday sales inventory. The inventory will be restock once the product is about to run out. The employees is responsible on this task and also needs to check the stocks once in a while so as to monitor which items are already getting below the allowable quantity. Because of the draining work there were circumstances when the inventory record in the admit dose not tallies with the actual amount of the available items.

Another thing to consider in manual sales and inventory is prone to human errors and it is inevitable for the employee who’s Selenga to ay ten sales wanly Ana up committing mistake. 1. 2 History of the Existing System Ice Cream Store uses manual billing in their sales, if the customer purchases any product in the Store like the pizza, desserts, and beverages they offer. The customer first go to the counter and ask for their order if is available, then the cashier rights down the customer’s order on the log book, then the payment of the said item will be manually written down by the cashier.

The cashier will also use calculator to get the correct change of the customer if needed. The work of the cashier on how to get the order and the way they wrote down the items that is being sold may be inaccurate in some point or it will take some time to do their task efficiently. The items that will be stock in the morning for the whole day sale will be tallied and input in the log book and by night the inventory is being done right after the store closes.

There’s is also a possibility that the employee conducting the inventory may miscount the product that has been tallied in the morning. 1. 3 Objective of the Study To develop a computerize Ordering and billing system with inventory management for Ice Cream Store that will make their work much efficient and less time consuming. The system will be a user friendly for those employees that will make their work accurate in terms of ordering, billing & inventory management, plus it can lessen the work done by the employee of the store.

And for future references the store can use the information being stored on their data base to monitor their annual income. 1. 3. 1 General Objective This system will focus on the development of the ordering and billing with inventory management that will improve the store capacity in handling their customer with advance and efficient approach and at the same time will stay closely the same with their previous operation. The proponents will only upgrade the existing system of the company for theme to compete with other store.

Thus it will definitely help out to monitor their annual income or if they want day to day store overview to pin point on what aspects they still need to comply and improve. It’s like creating a system that will lessen and make the employee’s Job more easily and efficient especially in ordering and inventory. The proposed system will automatically generate the customer’s bill. The system will also generate the report for the daily monthly as well as the annual sales.

Inventory management is also the big part of the system wherein it will automatically provides update of the inventory. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives * To provide customer printable generated receipts. * To make the work easier and efficient for the crews. * To store and review day to day sales overview. * To monitor the stock movements and the store revenues. 1. 3. 3 Scope and Limitation The scope of this study is to develop a system for Ice Cream Store that will be used in ordering, billing and importantly for the inventory of the store.

First for the billing, It Is really Important Tort Ice cream store to nave a Trendy Ana Jolly environment because most of their customer will be there to buy ice cream to some important celebration or to enjoy the tasteful ice cream they sell, so it will definitely help them make their customers well satisfied with their service which will make an advocacy of ice cream store that will boost up customer. Because of this, the customer will commend the ice cream store to their families and friends Just buy leaving them the memory of providing an excellent service.

While in ordering it will definitely easier for the employee’s part and customers to place order easily and fast. For the inventory management, it will help out the employee to review their sales income and to restock the products that reach the allowable quantity to avoid lacking of products availability Chapter 2 Theoretical Framework 2. 1 A system that will help out the company systematically concisely and succinctly. While we are asking the store manager we found out that all of their task were signed to their crew is manually performed using pens and paper Just to monitor the everyday sales which eat up a lot of their times.

On the theoretical interview that we have done we’ve noticed that 60% of the said system will definitely help out to improve the quality of service for the benefit of the customer and the business itself as per the manager’s point of view. In the first interview that we have conducted the manager told us that they want us to further more focus on the store’s inventory business process for them to analyze the cycle of the stores revenue and to focus on owe to conserve money, to increase the profit of the ice cream store and especially to know more on what to improve to keep their business on the lime light. . 2 2. 3 Chapter 3 Order Billing System and Inventory for Ice Cream Store 3. 1 On the interviews and studies we have conducted we figured out that this is the system that will definitely help out the Store to its day by day task. The said system will avoid the human error and prolonging of the service process for the customers convenience.

The problem was being encountered from the lowest position from the crew to staff ND manager and in the end of the day will be passed on the customers due to slow service and inconsistency of everyday store process and it is more likely beneficial for some customer to receive a receipt for the product they purchase so at least they have some records if they needed and it will be a good practice to value your customers precious time especially for those people who’s wanting to celebrate something on your Ice Cream Store it will be a good gesture to add within your business it’s an Ice Cream Store after all, your advocating a good place to spend time with. 3. 2 System Design Specification

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