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Themes In Child Development Many parents want the best for their young child by providing them love, shelter, comfort and atmosphere. However, those parents still have questions that arise about their up-bringing and so their questions actually reflect a few fundamental themes in child development. These themes would, and then in part, help us unify our understanding of child development.

The first theme has to do with the ?predictability? of development. Many believe that development is either continuous or not. For those who think development is continuous often think that once a young child chooses his or her own path, that child would stay on that path for their entire life. It is unusual for child to ?choose? a path because there are obstacles in the gap between a child and an adult. ?Thus, the continuity versus discontinuity issue is really about the ?connectedness? of development.? When your first child was the most wonderful child that you could possibly have, and then when you have your second child, they turned out to be a parents worst nightmare. How could this happen That?s difficult to say because this describes the nature-nurture issue in development (biology [nature] & environment [nurture]).

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