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Theme Analysis BY bean1997 Theme Analysis ! Henry James was an American-born British writer who was a key figure in the 19th century. James kept moving between America and Europe and eventually settled in England. He is most famous for his novels that portray Americans with Europe and Europeans. James is also know for his method of being able to write from the point of view of a character from his/her consciousness. In 1869 and 1871 he wrote his most popular novella “Daisy Miller”. Daisy Miller” is based around the theme of the Grand Tour that rich Americans would take around Europe and this is also where the story be- gins.! Henry James uses Daisy’s story to discuss what he thinks Europeans and Ameri- cans believe about each other. He focuses mainly on the prejudices common in any culture such as having to pay to use the restroom for example. The novella served a a psychological description of the mind of a young woman such as Daisy and looks at the traditional views of society as being an outsider.

The issue on the novella is the actual “innocence” of Daisy.! “Daisy Miller” was one of Henry James first themes on the extirpate of a Ameri- can abroad. Many Americans went abroad shortly after the Civil War. The time after the war was also called the Gilded Age ecause it gave a rise to the new class of Amer- ‘can businessmen that were ready to take the famous “grand tour”, and see the culture and art of the Old World to be exact. A clash between the two culture was inevitable and was a worldwide phenomenon. Henry James even though originally from America, was more sympathetic to- wards European ways of life, culture, education, and the ease of conversation. lame’s signature theme was the American abroad and it comes up repeatedly throughout many of his novels. He uses Mrs. Costello and Eugenio to back up his claim because they are both expatriates that have settled down in Vevey. Mrs. Costello who views Daisy as a “common” American, and is obviously more European than American because she has now lived in Europe longer than she had in America.!

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Henry James was a great author and was great at what he did. The way he got into the character of an extirpate was amazing and this is what he is most remembered by Daisy Miller. Henry James was also an amazing author that was able to sink into the characters self consciousness of an extirpate not really being able to fit in the world. He was awesome and will be remembered for what he has done for American literature.

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