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Extra Credit: Lars and the Real Girl In the movie Lars and the Real Girl, the movie is set up into many different parts to have each deep structure of elements. Normal review of the movie structure would start off with the set up to introduce characters and the basic opening of the movie, conflicts are to display the complexity of the storyline, and the resolution is to finalize and clarify the elements in the movie. But, if one go deeper in to explore the deep structures of elements in the movie each parts can be segmented into many pieces.

For example identity, nature, elements, and penetration of layers plays a big role in Lars and the Real Girl. Thus, exploring and discovering these elements in the movie makes it interesting. Exploring the deep structure makes this movie revealing to the audience because of the nature. When Lars was unable to tell his girlfriend was unreal, the town people around him treated her as real because of their feelings for Lars developed naturally. As the time goes, he slowly reveals that she isn’t real.This could be related o penetration of layers because he penetrates through his emotions suffering from his past and after, realized that Bianca was an illusion.

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Lars also gained self identity throughout the movie because of his psychologist who gave him advice. The director also shows that Lars had many elements that was in his way in the movie. Lars was deeply emotionally damaged by his father because of his mother’s death.

This element, also could be described as emotional pain held him back from communicating with others which made him see Bianca as real.Bianca is also an element because she’s an object that Lars treated with care, and Lars created her from his painful past for him to prevent her from getting hurt. Revealing self identity is important in the movie, whether it’s revealing self from evil, or revealing self from recovering from sickness. In any case, Lars revealed himself at the end of the movie to display himself as a new man in the town. The unwrapping scene happens when Lars announced that Bianca was dead; furthermore, after a few months he became a whole new person and agreed to hake hands with others and does physical greetings which he has never done before.

The director displayed all kinds of deep structure elements in the movie to portray the movie into interesting layers. As the character does the unwrapping throughout the movie, audience experiences sadness, loneliness, and happiness. All these feelings came from the vertical aspect because the audience were concerned with the unwrapping, questions and revealing. Thus, Lars and the Real Girl is an good movie example to display the deep structure of elements.

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