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The sound of excited banter fills the air as immigrants catch sight of the statue of liberty. Stepping off the gangplank, their chests swell with emotion.

The feeling of pride, happiness and many other emotions fill your heart as you are accepted into another country. You are bombarded with thoughts on your new found future and freedom.  Feeling that you may be unfamiliar with, that you have forgotten.

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These images and emotions are what they may have seen in the early 1900’s and today the feelings have not changed. Being an American today is to have the freedom to live your life to the fullest.    America was built by immigrants coming for something more or to get away from harm, religious persecution, war, etc.

 Before they get to America from where they were before their life may have seemed hopeless. Even when they get to America, they had to go through rigorous scanning and proofing before they even step onto U.S soil. Some of the tests they had to perform were mentally and physically demanding like putting a dye into the child’s eye or making them take a mental test.

During the early 1900’s the system is similar to what we have now but after 9/11 when the twin towers fell. When the twin towers fell it hurt those in and out of the United states for it felt like our freedom was at stake.The procedure of getting in and out of America has become stricter and tighter to prevent that from happening again.    Once you are accepted into America you must become a citizen for you may face deportation back to the place you were so desperately trying to get away from. After you become a citizen of the United States of America, You may still be looked at as an immigrant, as someone who isn’t supposed to be here.  You may not speak English or know the customs of the area you are in. During the Irish famine, the Irish were discriminated against and businesses start to put up “Irish need not apply” signs in their windows. They were forced to find jobs in sweatshops and dangerous places .

for there was a flood of immigrants that put stress on the American economy. Today with the Syrian refugees and other from the middle east are putting stress once again on the Economy of the United States of America.    As we continue to grow and expand the need for space is growing.

The lack of space is making an influx of job for to have a home to live you need money to pay for it and for you to have money you need a job. Some people blame the immigrants for the decrease in job and space. With this, some people become violent towards though who they see as not American. There have been mobs, riots and more in the United States, making the immigrant afraid of becoming a citizen of the United States. Why must those who and to become apart of a safe country be afraid to make that come true? Well, they shouldn’t. This should be a place where they feel safe.

Where they can grow up to help and grow this country rather than being a burden to it and its economy. These act of aggression and discrimination against those who are human are the same as you occur every day. We are blind to these acts, even though we have had wars, wrote books and made movies about the injustice that goes on in our everyday lives.    Will it ever go away? I don’t think it will for generations after generations we are taught the fears of our partners. We experience there hatred first hand from the time of birth. It is wired into our mind there thoughts and feelings.

 Our ancestor experience the same treatment that they treat and tell us for we copy our parents and they copy their parents and so on.Some of us have broken away from the thoughts of our ancestors, but these thoughts crack and claw at our mind even when we thought we forgot them. The only way they will be forgotten is way teaching our children that there is no reason to harbor these feeling towards those who are just as human as anyone on earth. That no matter their race, religion, etc, they are still human and should be treated with the same kindness that you would treat your family or friends.    So I’ve given you some history of what an immigrant faces today but I have explained the what I mean by living your life to the fullest today both emotionally and financially. Living your life to the fullest financially would be not only to strives your needs like food, water,  and shelter but your wants as well. that you are financially stable enough to go get that dress you seen in a shop window or to give somewhere else other than your town you live in.

To know that you have enough money for the next meal and that you don’t have to worry about if you will go to bed with an empty or full stomach tonight.    To live your life to the fullest emotional is to live without of stressing out over everything that life throws at you. To feel no weight on our shoulders as you live your life.

That you feel happy and have sadness and strife far away. That you feel better where you are than where you were before you came to America or any other country.    So what does it mean to be American? Most of this essay you listen to me rant about the injustice that the immigrants come to this country face every day.

So my definition of what it means to be an American is to stay strong, to keep hope in the country you call home or will be calling home. Is to live your life to the fullest . to let no one tell you, you can’t follow your dreams. To not let anyone infringe or hinder the freedoms that you have earned, through your hardships and toil.

To remind you what you had to live through before you came to the United States, to make you feel less than you may think. To feel safe in a country that you live in. that you have an ocean worth of opportunities open for you and it won’t be hindered.

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