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Owl I said as Eric slide tackled me. We were playing a two vs… Two game and Max was on my team while James was on Erie’s team. “Free kick” I said, “fine” said Eric as I trotted over to retrieve the ball. When I set the Ball down James stood right in front of it. “Get out of the way James” Max said. Finally James got out of the way and I kicked the ball. It took a slight deflection and went into the dump. “Not again” I said as I walked over to look in the dump for the ball. As we walked over Eric had a suggestion “How about the next time we play we play away from the dump’.

Okay” I said. As we climbed the dumpster wall James spotted something shiny “Look over there guys” he said. When we got to the top we all forgot about the soccer ball and dove in for the shiny piece of paper I got there first and read it aloud it read Dear Reader, Look in the Dumpster and you Will find a fresh from the Market piece of lime. Cut it open And you will see a treasure map to the South African tree. Look at the top of the tree And you will see a treasure chest that’s made from The best. “Let’s follow these rules” Max said.

I wonder what’s in that treasure chest” said Eric. ” So what are we waiting for lets get going we all said at once. As we started digging in the dump for the lime. James spotted it first. “l found it guys” as he gouged into it with his mouth since we didn’t have a knife “mm nice and Juicy’ he said. Here’s the treasure map. First run to LAX aka. Los Angels Airport. Second tell the American Airlines ticket collector that Billy sent you here she will know what your talking about. Third hop on the plane and you should arrive in less that 12 hours.

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Fourth get if the plane and there should be a guy name Wayne waiting to take you to your hotel room. Fifth in your hotel room under the bed there’s a treasure chest. There your treasure awaits!!!! ” If my calculations are correct the LAX is five minutes from here” said Max. So on we went we ran there and eventually got there after stopping about 100 times because James is not the most athletic person in the world so he would have to stop every 7 minutes for his heart to slow down and get back to a normal pace. When we got there the American Airlines ticket seller was right at the door The World Cup By lovesick

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