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The role of PMO has been changed as the main focus of the particular role is to improve the overall performance of the workflow of project management.Project management involves all the teams of an organization such as business, Financial operations, BT(Business Technology) team and many other dependency teams.When a decision has to be taken  there will be many issues that are to be taken into consideration such as1)What are the strategical objectives of a project and how are they initiated (Roadmap).2)What amount of deep research is to be done that delivers the company mission and vision in the long run?3)Cost estimation and time estimation that takes notes of all the external and internal factors in a particular organization4)Are we meeting the requirements of an organization in achieving the business value by the end of the day?By considering all the above factors, I would say PMO will absolutely pick the speed in the implementation process.A dedicated PMO if present, not only guides how when and why to implement a standard process where and which all the future projects may take the rules created in order to achieve the business values of an organization.PMO would also be responsible for conducting knowledge transfer sessions and coaching, mentoring training sessions for the employees and acts as an interface for collection requirements from a third party organization.Having a dedicated PMO will have definite goals and responsibilities and withholds the authority and progress of each and individual projects of an organization.Quality assurance is also a responsibility of PMO where assessment of project quality that is to be delivered accounting the progress and reliability of projects according to the objectives and processes.PMO’s main goal should be to achieve consistency and control and improving the results.Also, there would be a significant reduction in project deliverable cost and time as PMO would always strive to increase the process improvements and try to cover the performance gaps.On the other hand, I also agree that there will be quite a few cost involved in establishing a PMO and there is likely a chance that PMO may not deliver enough value of what they are supposed to achieve.Conclusion:A successful PMO itself should be considered as a long-term project which requires continuous support from the senior management and the value they assess and deliver is up to the marked line is met or not should be continuously monitored.When used correctly a PMO can act as a very important resource and an asset to a organizations’ management and its effectiveness.

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