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The game of volleyball first originated in 1895, by William Morgan. The original name of volleyball, was “Mintonette,” named by Morgan himself. Morgan wanted to create a sport, in which everyone was capable of playing. After creating some techniques and rules, William Morgan presented his new sport to the world. Volleyball can be played either outdoors, or indoors; it is also played by six people in the game, three in the front row, and three in the back row. In 1999, a defensive position was added, called a “libro.” This player stays in the back row and cannot serve or attempt to block. The libro must wear a different color shirt than the rest of the team to be identified. In volleyball, there are many different techniques. There are two types of serves a player can do; overhand and underhand. Serving is the first weapon that can give an immediate point, begin a game, or start an offense. Each team can pass the ball with a maximum of three hits per side. Usually, the passing begins with a dig; The ball is hit on the forearms, and possibly requires the player to dive, roll and/or slide. After the dig, the next hit is the setting. When you set the ball, your palms have to hit the ball straight up. Lastly, the final shot is the spike. When you spike the ball, the player uses their palm and angles their wrist downwards on the ball. Which ultimately leads the ball to hit towards the ground on the opposing team’s side, giving the other team a point. In this sport, Morgan created many rules to the game for both teams to follow. Every member of each team, must wear knee pads to protect their knees if/when the player dives and/or slides in attempt to keep the ball from hitting the ground. A player may not hit the ball more than once at a time. Although, a block is not considered a hit. If the ball is served outside the boundary line by the opposing team, the other team wins a point. If the ball hits exactly on the line, it is considered in. If the opposing team fails to hit the ball when the ball is in play, the other team wins a point. The ball is not in play if it hits the ceiling, the referee stand or the antenna. In a result of a violation, is a point for the opponent, such as stepping on or over the serving line. It is illegal to catch, hold or lift the ball in anyway. It is also a violation to serve out of order. Failure to follow the order, will result in a point for the opponent. These rules and techniques are also followed by national and international volleyball competitions, such as men’s, women’s and beach volleyball. However, in beach volleyball, a player may go barefoot while playing and could wear sunglasses, hats or knee pads. 

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