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The Various Effects Of Marijuana Upon States Of Consciousness Marijuana is a substance which is often consumed either by smoking or ingestion, and can produce hallucinogenic effects upon intake. After intake, there are major effects upon ones state of consciousness. These can affect ones vision, hearing, memory, thought, and even dreaming and sleeping patterns.

These variable factors should be noted in considering research and investigation of the effects of marijuana (Budney, 2003). A marijuana high lasts around one to two hours, dependent upon the amount of intake, and also the intensity and quality of the marijuana. The most noticeable effect intensification of sensation and increased clarity of perception. Taste and smell are also enhanced under marijuana. The awareness of proprioceptive responses is also enhanced.

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This means that the subject who is under the influence of marijuana may become aware of small, non-conscious muscle tensions, feedback and control responses, and feelings of physical comfort and discomfort. These effects vary differently from person to person (Solowij, 2002). Under certain environmental settings, either the user will observe what he/she is experiencing in the situation and realizes it is not how he/she usually experiences the stimuli, or the user may function in a straight manner, where none of his/her senses may be heightened. There are time, marijuana, attention, one, awareness, conscious, consciousness, state, effects, processes, experience, person, strength, information, behavior, therefore, since, inhibitions, without, user, tart, social, sensory, responses, normal, intake, high, expectancies, amount, 1972, users, upon, thus, system, socially, situations

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