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My parents work as a dentist in America. I always admired them and thought of being a dentist in Japan when I grow up too. But in Japan, dentistry is different. And it is not different in a good way. It made me come to the conclusion to not become a dentist in Japan. In America, dentists are respected socially and it’s a great job in reality, but in Japan, they may be respected but the quality of their work and job is a lot worse.First of all, the level of interest in dentistry in Japan is a lot lower than that in America.

In America, many people in there childhood will have things such as braces if their teeth are not straight. Getting your teeth cleaned and your health checked once a year is common too. Your teeth are considered as one of your main health status. But in Japan, the way of thinking is different. Most children do not straighten their teeth. So you can see many Japanese with awful teeth lines.

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This connects to a double tooth trend were some say that a vampire kind of look is cute.Also, people only go to the dentist when their teeth ache. Normally, you should have a dentist find a cavity and 1 get rid of it before it starts to hurt, but the Japanese people try not to go to the dentist as much as possible. This ends up finding their cavity by noticing to the pain of it, instead of finding it through a health check.

Getting rid of a cavity like this will obviously be painful. So the image of the dentist to the Japanese get worse and worse and they try to not to go to dentists even more.There is also a difference in the doctors from the step of education.

Especially in the private dental schools in Japan compared to the schools in America. The adjusted deviation score of the private schools go under 35 to up to only 50. This means the level of the students who enter the schools are from the bottom to the average of all the students in Japan. How can students in such a level enter dental schools?This can hardly happen in America.

In America, students who enter dental school are students who have strait A’s in chemistry, math, and so on. The answer is the school expenses. It is higher than any other college education in Japan. It costs an average of thirty million yen to go through a private dental school for six years. Dental schools in America are less than half the price of this.So to enter one of the private schools in Japan, the problem is money, not knowledge. Of course there are some dental schools 2 which need a lot more smartness instead of money in Japan, which are the public schools, but over seventy percent of dental schools are private, witch means; most dentists out there are unreliable compared to America.

American dentists all have frequent patients and mostly do not have problems in business. Contrast to that, Japanese dentists do not have enough patients, leading to a difficulty in business. There’s a phrase “convenience store dentists” because there are more dentists than convenience stores. This is because too many new dentists are graduating dental school every year.

The number is three thousand. This may not here like a lot but only about two thousand dentist retire every year and there is already enough dentists out there. Also the insurance is low compared to America, leading to fewer customers.So this is the difference between the dentistry in Japan and America. The image, the low quality, and the unsecure business, ending up with Japan being inferior to America in every single point. For a solution in Japan, I recommend the private dental schools to decrease.

Then the number of dentists will lower and the quality will rise. In America, I just wish that the situation goes on, considering that my parents work there too. 3

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