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Vexing problems often demand draconian solutions that are unpleasant to those incapable of discerning the long term gain. In Western society, the incidence of spousal murder has decreased significantly over the last couple of decades. People may have relegated marriage to a lesser priority than their need to be comfortable with each other.

In apposition, lies the seething morass of spousal abuse among the ultra conservative societies of the East. A similar reaction is observed here; numerous NGO and Social UpliftmentMovements have sprouted to mitigate factors that aggravate this abuse, by proactively engaging time honored institutions and social mores. Thus, a concerted effort must exploit this universal intolerance to spousal abuse. The solution may appear puerile in its simplicity – culling! Where man has thwarted natural selection by his dominance over his environment, man himself must now assume that terrible role. Controlling population growth is the immediate answer to establishing order in society, and regulating its individuals to voluntarily raise the quality of their lives.Society can then administer the provision of ample resources, and eradicate poverty, the root cause of insecurity among individuals who are prone to violent behavior. More time and effort can be afforded to individuals, to be monitored for physiological, psychological and social development. Thereby, violent behavior, blamed on genetic and environmental factors too, falls within the purview of such a remedial program.

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This in no way calls for Fascist extermination, or any other manner of radical socialwinnowing. Rather ethical organizations, composed of individuals of high moral integrity, and who are answerable to an oversight body, must impose draconian measures to effect immediate population control. References Madden, M. ,(2009) Prosecuting Domestic Violence: A Philosophical Analysis Mukerjee, R. ,(1933).

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