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the last few years, we have seen the use of images and videos in posts
continuously increasing the social media engagement statistics. According to
Twitter reports, photos earn an average of 35% more retweets as compared to
tweets without any images. While crafting your Twitter engagement strategy,
make sure to add visuals, which can also include videos, quotations and gifs.
The reason behind improved engagement is that visuals help build trust and
provide a storyline, which is usually harder to achieve with just text. On the
other hand, replying your audience with gifs every time they ask something can
be a too unprofessional and lighthearted. The idea is to be simple while
remaining visually-appealing. Remember, add visuals whenever possible without
going overboard. Also, try to use social images that communicate a cohesive
brand aesthetic and style.

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Questions and


are another quite effective way to engage with your audience on Twitter. The
platform provides native features, like Twitter Polls, that can allow you to
reach your audience and get valuable information on how the users feel about
your brand. These questions do not necessarily have to be directly tied to your
services or products; instead, you can simply ask social media questions that
you think your followers would want to answer. Your audience may not answer if
you are only talk about yourself, so make sure the questions do not always
involve your specific brand. In addition to this, you can also keep an internal
log that contains your questions and the audience’s response. This log will
help you to formulate social content in the future.


Call to Actions


you want to drive the audience through your sales funnel, it is important to
use actionable language, meaning call-to-action (CTA) buttons. CTA phrases are
essential to any business that is trying to sell their product. Without
directing traffic to your purchasing pages or creating a sense of urgency, you
are not likely to get that many clicks. Fortunately, there are various simple
techniques to turn your tweets into actionable call-to-actions. One of the ways
is to ask your customers question that are irresistible and can get your
readers to follow through the sales funnel. Moreover, with simple to follow and
direct CTAs, you can make it pretty easy for readers to continue onwards.
Another way is to use images and let them do the talking, and with every image,
include a little description and a link to click through.


Quality Content of


have often seen profiles on social networks, like Instagram and Twitter, either
buzzing out on posts or making very less posts. One possible reason for this is
that companies try to make presence on every social network and do not have
time to manage multiple accounts. However, like any other task, you need to be
consistent with your Twitter posts as well for maximum engagement. Statistics
recommend that ideally, you should tweet at least five times a day, and must
aim for quality content of quantity. Considering the rapid growth of the
network, this rule seems perfect. You need a decent number of tweets to engage
with your audience; however, this does not mean that you can compromise on the
quality. There are brands that do not pay attention to consistency in quality;
as they mostly post random irrelevant tweets and very few good-quality tweets.
The key is to tweet often, but make it count. For brands who are unable to take
out time for social media management, they can use a social media calendar to
keep track of their tweets.


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