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The civil war was the
only war that the United States lived in its own territory. There were no
invading enemies, nor enemy armies from other nations. The war was carried out
among its own citizens in the years of 1861-1865.  The nation was one; however, the factions that
clashed did not possess the same culture, nor the same traditions. Although in
the general ideology the civil war of the United States had as its origin the
abolitionist movement, which sought precisely the abolition of slavery in all
the states of this country, the truth is that rarely a war has a single factor
that motivates it; In this case, I will analyze a series of causes that were combined
and gave rise to the so-called civil war.

On the one hand, slavery
was a commercial activity that took place in the United States from the
beginning of the colony that remained legal in the thirteen colonies at the
time of the declaration of independence and during the American Revolution.
Great Britain and the United States illegalized the international slave trade
in 1807, but the Constitution of 1789 protected the importation of slaves until
1808, giving a lapse of almost 20 years to resolve this situation. Between 1777
and 1804 most states north of the Ohio River enacted laws prohibiting slavery
and the importation of slaves. International demand for cotton led many
plantation owners to expand west in the search for suitable land. The invention
of the cotton gin revolutionized the industry by increasing 50 times the amount
of cotton that could be processed. Between 1820 and 1850 there was explosive
growth in cotton crops in the south of the United States. This increased the
demand for slave labor to sustain production. Slavery was an essential activity
for southerners.

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On the other hand, two
unequal economic models were found, and likewise two different cultures. In the
northern states of the United States an economy based on trade and industry was
successfully developing while the southern states were farmers. The agriculture
economy of the southerners made slave labor necessary to sustain themselves while
in the north the very progressivism of their economy combined with strong
religious movements, led them to have strong anti-slavery ideologies. The
cultural difference between the two factions of the Secession, the North (the
Union) against the South (the Confederation) made each side have its own vision
of the facts from the ideological and historical point of view. Different
irreconcilable perspectives.

After several years of
oppositions and ideological struggles for these causes, each zone was faced
with the other which gave rise to the separation of eleven states from the
south of the United States. In 1960 Abraham Lincoln was elected to the
Presidency of the United States, and he was a recognized abolitionist. Because
of this, the civil war in the United States is already a reality since the
South had developed a strong feeling of union raising the flag of slavery as protection
of its economic model. As I mentioned before, eleven States of the southern
United States are separated from it and end up forming a new nation called
Confederate States. This movement is called secessionist since it separates the
United States. In 1961 President Abraham Lincoln took office declaring in his
speech that secession would not be legally recognized and would be considered
null, so some of the military forts in the Confederate States maintained
resistance to being taken by the new separatist government. Finally, the
Confederate States of America decide to attack to take control of Fort Sumter,
starting with this act to the Civil War.

While in the
Revolutionary War fought to be an independent country and thus create the
United States, in the civil war was fought to decide what kind of government
would be used to govern the country. The Civil War lasted four years, during
which there were more than two thousand armed confrontations and more than one
and a half million combatants died. For its part, the army of the Union had most
of the maritime control, which added to having much of resources was gradually
tipping the balance in their favor. The War of Secession culminates with the
victory of the army of the Union in 1864, and thus the reintegration of the
Confederate States into the United States of America. Despite the cruelty of
this war, it was an event that historically served to strengthen the union of
this country, marking the beginning of its rise as a powerful and influential
nation in the world.



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