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The overall merger took almost 12 months to complete which was a small period frame. More time frame should have given to understand the cultures across the borders. When cross-border mergers take place, it is very important to consider many factors for the success of the merger. As stated by Mark Jamrozinski the mergers should not be in under pressure which can mess up things it should be in a proper management with some strategies which include handling of the human resource, market analysis where it would be conducting and product development (Jamrozinski, 2014). Looking at the case there was no proper management of the human resources that are CEO’s, managers, employees and higher executives. There was always a fear in the employee’s mind of losing the job, even the CEO’s were not doing their duties in a proper manner leading to the loss and fired of themselves. The Germans were not clear with the market as critical analysis of the American market was not done. the cross-border merger leads to the new market, new demands, new culture as well as the different market; and top of which the American presidents and higher authorities were replaced by the Germans who didn’t have idea about the U.S market. this is exactly what went wrong which lead to the German style of working in the American market frustrating the employees and leading to the pressure. The products were also kept the same, making of the luxury Benz model was conducted by the Germans and the trucks and other cars were given to the Americans. Further Zhang Rong gives importance to the cultural integration in the cross-border merger. As stated by Zhang there is always different business culture across the borders and the working style always differ. The views of the key management team of both the companies are different which should be narrow down to a single point where the end goals are meeting for the success. Otherwise, it will only lead to clashes, misunderstanding, and failure of goals. A proper team should be set-up to inform about the cultural integration and it’s important as these lead to the success or the failure of a company. Further Zhang states that these team should concentrate on philosophy and current marketing strategies along with its position. As every company has its philosophy and work according to it which makes it difficult to remove it on the spot. So, it is Important to have the little bit like the old one just to avoid a drastic change so that the new business strategy after the merger meets its missions and goal. (ZHANG, 2010) but in the case, the culture of both the companies where kept the same to avoid culture clashes which were the biggest mistake leading to the failure. Addition to Zhang, Dale Stafford and Laura Miles did a Bain survey on the integration of cultures after a merger and says that the common reason of the failure is the fundamental style of working which irritates the employees leading to depression and unproductivity. Where no know how to solve it. This theory is quite similar as stated by Zhang about the work philosophy of the companies. Dale and Laura give a solution to it by applying a similar CRM method. By keeping a track on sales, market, accounts and have a close view of the targets at a giving time by measuring the success and failure. For which a professional need to be appointed and not its own employees to cut down the cost. (Miles, 2013) it is also recommended to keep an agenda for cultural integration where values, beliefs, and behavior are shared. A blueprint can be made; critical decisions should be taken within a group for reducing mistakes. Then identify the differences which shall occur by doing surveys, heat maps, interviews. Know the behaviors the style of attitude and the way people talk (slang language). Important notes should be written it down instead of saying it face to face. After which the companies should identify the common culture what they are looking for and then change the plan by keeping a track on it. Which Daimler and Chrysler failed to conduct.In the book culture and demography in organizations by Richard Harrison, Glenn R. Carroll says a harsh truth that the employees who are not ready to mould according to the requirement of the new environment should be fired because this will hinder the managers and the companies for smooth flow said by professor Laurence W. (LaPlante, 2006). Carroll suggests that the cultural integration should be analysed by considering the demographics of the Daimler and Chrysler that is the population. A model regarding which is given by him that gives importance to the growth rate, recruiting employees for certain areas, the environment in which the employees will be working and the unfriendliness among themselves. (demographic organizational behavior, 2009)Further, Helios tells that communication is one of the important parts in the merger as two different cultures of countries are coming together so to avoid the problems. Where he says that the reason for the new business should be clear to its stakeholders which should be done through mediums like emails, letters, brochures etc. as the merger might create chaos. The company should also see that the employees take this news in a positive manner where they don’t stress and leave the job in fear. There should be a continuous flow of information through videos and audio calls, meetings, website etc. (helio, 2013) wherein this case merger of Daimler-Chrysler the communication through the employees and higher authorities was not clear. One of the main reason were language barriers, the way of living life, beliefs and behaviors were different. The companies should conduct inductions and training for the employees to understand the new objectives, strategies, working style, culture etc so they are clear about their responsibility in the new business. Training helps to know about the current situation of the employees it also helps them learn and get feedback. (Cole-Ingait, 2014) these training help the employees as well as company to grow in the future and cuts down the chances of loss. 

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