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The second media model is the network. Stated in the text, Media Environments, Vacker stated, “..

.environments of consciousness and culture, organized via the technologies of a vast, global, ad interplanetary network. The network is the underlying structure of media…” (p.25). In the episode, Matt helped lead the way for Harry to seduce a woman named Jennifer to her place who happens to hear voices in their heads as well and that they should pass to the “next stage.” they both drink a poison drink and end up dying on the screen.  It turns out that Matt helps shy and lonely men seduce women as a hobby, and in turn shares the footage of these encounters with other men watching it live.

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Harry and Jennifer don’t know the extent to which their actions are being viewed and exploited. The story dealt with these issues of broadcast communication. Through the Z-eye people used network as a way to interact and communicate with each other and to show how technology is connecting us. Another example in the episode is when Matt had agreed to use Joe’s “cookie” to get him to confess that he had killed the father and daughter. He went through Joe’s consciousness and communicated with him and made Joe open up to him about the story. This represents network and how this scene was organized through technology.  “Temes” which is a concept coined by Susan Blackmore also come into play during this movie.

Stated in Media Environments, Susan Blackmore, explains, “…a third replicator has emerged among our memes: the replicator has of technology, or what she calls “temes..

” ( p. 26). The “cookie” can replicate consciousness and be sent from one brain to another. The text stated, Television screens migrated to computers…, and then spread to personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and Google Glass” (p. 26). In that case, the cookie is the same as these devices listed and how it has simulated the idea of temes.

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