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The ratification of the constitution first needed to be approve of two thirds of the thirteen state governments before it became accepted as the law of the land. While there certainly were people who were happy with the constitution there are also many who were suspicious of it. Those people who were afraid was because of a strong powerful federal government.To kind of ease people’s fears and to state what it was all about they wrote a series of essays that are known as the Federalist papers. Basically breaking it down this is why we do this, this is why we have the three branches, this is how the three branches protects, this is what the president does, and this is what the  president can’t do just really explaining the ins and outs of the constitution for the people. The Federalist paper is what people fall back to, this is what they meant when presidents have certain powers and can’t do certain things. An example of the constitution not fulfilling the rule of a unity but a secession instead would be the 1860 Southern Democratic party statement of goals. They state that their political concern was with the rights of territory property being un-recognized by the Federal government. And that the main issue concern was the insurance of having equal rights to buy, have property and take slaves into territories.  Another example of the Constitution being a tool of secession and not unity is the Pittsburgh Press in 1860 by senator Stephen Douglas. In the election of 1860 he specifically states that the main issue is the concern with southerners attacking northern Black Republicans. Which are people who support the abolishment of slavery. The major threat in the country was the disunion of Black Republicans. There were many rational individuals either of high class or middle class  that strongly believe in Jefferson’s viewpoint. That man and the state could combine because man was of rational and capability of subjecting to higher standards in the Constitution and that state should be equal to federal government.  However others believe in Hamilton’s role that the state government provides an extreme central order.

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