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The Amaze Inc Organization is a business that comes up with endless ideas and innovations. The business success has a lot to do with the way they managed their workers. Amaze Inc grants their workers to overlook their own work twenty percent of the time. Workers work on any project they feel like, without asking for approval from a supervisor. workers at Amaze Inc are promoted to work with one another in teams to get a fresh new idea. The business benefits it employes with bonuses for the solid work they put in. The business believes it workers work better when they think they’re helping the business by coming up with new ideas and getting rewarded for them.Mary Parker Follett gives priority to three main factors that are coordination, self-management, and collaboration. Mary trust that coordination is a must for management functions. She believes that a managers job was to encourage it, workers, to maximize productivity and not by forcing them to do it. In The Amaze Inc Organizations, the business allowed the workers to work by themselves without any manager or supervisor telling them what to do for twenty percent of there time. Also, workers work together rather with a manager watching the produce their new products and ideas. Mary two other factors she trusted where self-management and collaboration. She felt that individuals would much prefer managing there selfs the being led by a leader. At Amaze Inc their workers work together in a group rather than by themselves. By joining forces in a group workers can learn an collaborate with people that come from different walks of live and different areas of expertise and come up with new innovative ideas and learn from each other.Chester Barnard, two main factors were to maintain a communication system with workers and management must be provided goals and assure all employe are motivated in achieving certain goals and objectives. In the case, study Amaze  Inc are known for there communication with workers allowing them to join forces together as a team rather than an individual. Also, workers are more driven in creating the next great idea because Amaze Inc gives bonuses to the team with a successful new product.Amaze Inc would be better suited to an 

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