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The Battle of GettysburgGettysburg was one of the deadliest and most important fights in the United States Civil War. The conflict happened in an open field in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Union and the Confederate Armies fought against each from July 1st, 1863 to July 3rd, 1863. These three days were the bloodiest days of the Civil War.  Many men lost their lives fighting for their side. This battle was started because Robert E. Lee was appointed the chief of the military in Virginia and he was tired of tearing up towns in the south, so he moved into union territory. The Union Army did not like that the Confederates had moved into the north, so the Union stepped up. The two courageous men that were in charge of each side were General Robert E. Lee and General George G. Meade. Both of these men fought hard for their armies. Each army struggled in different ways and had different fighting tactics because of the supplies that they had. They also attacked at different times and defended in different ways.    General George G. Meade was put to be in charge of the Union Army just three days before the battle began.  George Gordon Meade was born in Cadiz, Spain. His father worked for the United States Navy as an officer. Meade came back to the United States after his father passed away in 1828. Meade completed West Point Military Academy and graduated in the top twenty of his class. Meade resigned from the military in 1836 after losing love for his job. After this, he went and joined a career in civil engineering. Meade then began to work for railroads. He reenlisted in the military in 1842 and helped fight in the Mexican-American War.  At the beginning of the war, he was a brigadier general. Meade was injured at the Battle of Glendale. Meade was an outstanding general at the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862. Meade’s group of men were the only group to break through enemy lines. He took control of the Union Army in late June of 1863 after General Hooker resigned from his position. Meade was the right man to be put in charge of an army and go to battle three days later. At the beginning of the fight, Meade and his troops met Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his army near the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Confederacy moved north to Pennsylvania to try to get out of Virginia because it was getting destroyed because of war. Meade remained in the United States Military until the end of the Civil War. He was suffering from long-term complications from war wounds and died in 1872 at the age of 56 years old. Robert E. Lee was also a powerful man. Lee fought for the Confederacy and never gave up until the end. Robert E. Lee was a brave and courageous general that made a significant impact in United States history and the Battle of Gettysburg. Robert Edward Lee was born in Virginia. Lee also attended West Point Military Academy and completed the school in the top three of the class of 1829. He served as a captain under General Winfield Scott during the Mexican War. Lee was wounded during the Mexican War and earned three brevets to colonel. Lee was known as the best soldier ever seen in the field of battle. In 1852, Lee was appointed the superintendent of West Point Military Academy. Three years later, Jefferson Davis approved Lee to be transferred as a lieutenant colonel to the Second Cavalry and served in West Texas. In April 1861 Lee resigned his commission, and a few days later he was appointed by Governor John Letcher to be the commander in chief of the military and naval forces for Virginia. He always wanted to invade the north so the cities in the south would stay intact. When Lee got his chance, he went for it and made it to the town of Gettysburg. Lee failed to recognize the improvement of weapons in the Union Army. This is a great reason why the Confederates lost this battle. After the civil war, Robert E. Lee became president of Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. Lee applied to have his United States citizenship reinstated, but the application got lost. It got restored in 1970 after being found. He died of heart disease on October 12, 1870. Both of these generals played a considerable role in American History.

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