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The 20th centuryexistentialist philosopher Albert Camus stated that “A man without ethics is awild beast loosed upon this world.” Ethics. It is not possible to put adefinition to that in terms of perception. Every individual would have adifferent set of ethics and a different way of approach. An individual’s set ofethics is a mixture of the individual’s morals or intuition and proficiency.Our understanding of ethics is obtained from religions, cultures and beliefs.

We all encounter different ethical questions every single day. When should Inot lie and when should I lie? It is an entity of moral fundamentals. Itsprimary purpose is to help one determine what type of lives they would want tolive. It constantly affects the decisions and actions an individual makes.

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People often get confused between the terms ‘ethics’ and ‘values’. One has tounderstand that this two terms has completely different meanings. Ethicsinduces between right and wrong or making a decision while values determinewhat is significant. In the world of excruciating competition, every singlecompany or business follows certain principles and beliefs which are basicallyvalues. Similarly, ethics is enforced in an organisation so that it safeguardsthe interest of all the stakeholders like the customers, employees, governmentand many more.  The first example ofethical dilemma is based on an interview I had with ___________.

As we all knowwhen you are a staff with Singapore Airlines you get a free ticket yearly andall your subsequent tickets for that year are standby tickets. Staffs holding astandby ticket will only be able to check-in and board the aircraft if there isan available economy seat. If the seats in the entire aircraft is fully booked,the staff would have to wait and board the next available flight. However, theground staff and manager on duty has a choice if there are available seats inbusiness class. Would the duty manager upgrade important passengers or Krisflyer members to business class and give the travelling Singapore Airlinesstaff an economy seat? Or would the duty manager tell the travelling staff thathe or she has to wait for the next departing flight? A dilemma then arises.

Managers usually make decisions at all levels. Whether they are at the top,frontline or in between. Every manager or employee is usually exposed to thepossibility of facing an ethical dilemma when they least expect it.

 The next example ofethical dilemma is based on an interview I had with ____________. There is apossibility of an ethical dilemma to emerge when it requires an individual tochoose between family and work. The Crisis Management Centre at Singapore’sChangi Airport is one of the most important organisation you would look to inthe event of an incident or accident. The most deadly crash for SingaporeAirlines, SQ006, occurred in Taipei in October 2000.

It was mentioned thathundreds of staffs made their way to Taiwan to help relatives who were in griefand injured passengers or crew. Several other staffs were activated at theCrisis Management Centre so that the response to the crash could be organised.One of those staffs was __________. While she was celebrating an importantfamily occasion, she was called in to help with the ongoing chaos by her boss.A dilemma then arises. If she gets prepared and makes her way to the airport,her responsibility/commitment to her family is infringed.

However, if she doesnot then the purpose of her job is put in jeopardy. 

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