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The Summary According to a college freshman student, it is believed that Aristotle?s was known as one of the first ancient Greeks scholars, in the world, to have been a psychologist. In fact, Aristotle?s treatise on rhetoric has been called the ?world?s first discussion of psychology.? ?The psychological aspect of his treatise comprises about twenty of the several hundred pages Aristotle devoted to his discussion of the ?available means of persuasion, one way of defining the term rhetoric ? (Tefertiller 67). Nevertheless, psychology depicts one of the oldest living contents on what Aristotle called an ?invention??meaning the right things to tell to a group. Aristotle used psychology to help people be able to understand how to speak to large groups so they can be ready for any upcoming speeches. Present is something that Aristotle wrote about peoples minds who are at ease. ?It is clear also that people are calm when their state of mind is the opposite of being angry: for example, in play, in laughter, at a feast, in aristotle?s, aristotle, people, one, psychology, persuasion, first, been, treatise, time, tell, social, rhetoric, psychologist, language, good, discussion, discourse, come, calm, called, believed, anger, about, years, wrote, writings, wouldn?t, world?s, world, works, work, way, upcoming, understand

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