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The Middle East The Middle East is an ever-changing place, so much has happened in the area in so little time. There are many things that are going on in the Middle East as of now, and there are many debated topics that have to do about the Middle East. Some of these things are marriage/dating, the dress code, and the National/alienation conflict. Why is it that the Middle East is having so many problems? Will we ever really get a true answer? Countries in the Middle East currently seem to have a problem with the west.

There always seems to some conflict going on, even with other countries in that area.One of the biggest problems that the Middle East has is that it is not accepting of non-lilacs countries. The Arab-Israeli conflict has gone on since 1945! That conflict has caused 73,000-84,000 casualties, an utterly astounding amount of deaths.

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Deaths that were unnecessary and could have been avoided. In Prolepsis the Shah was removed, when the Satraps family returned from Spain, a war was going on; a house right next to theirs was destroyed. Marlin was sent to Vienna as a result of all this inflict. Not to be bland here, but the dress code is much too strict in the Middle East.It is not much what they are forced to wear, but how it is enforced.

The way it is enforced is not right. In Prolepsis Maria’s mother was put up against a wall and told she should have been raped and thrown in the trash. Why say that? Why do that to a woman who did not any better? Soon after that event, the Veil was mandatory, all women had to wear it because it supposedly emitted rays that attracted men, and because of those rays, the veil would protect them from being raped. Now, a woman can be killed for not wearing the veil. That is something that must change.Dating and marriage seem to be a big topic when speaking about the Middle East. Most people are shocked about arranged marriages when it really should not matter.

The Middle East has done pretty well even with arranged marriages. There is however, a big problem with this. If a girl is going out with someone, she (in the most literal way) can be killed. This is unethical. Even in the Middle East where it may not even be as well educated as other countries, it is common sense that during the manage years, kids will start to get feelings for people of the opposite sex.

To even think that someone can be killed for something that is natural is Just indescribable. Of course as was said before it has worked out pretty well so far. In Another Evening at the Club, the girl is actually glad that she is going to marry About Obey. Many people consider the Middle East to be dangerous. Many look at them in a negative way; they look at them as terrorists. In reality, they are Just like us, normal people who try to live their lives.

The Strange Customs of the Middle East By Sybase_Colombia

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