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The Shifting Heart The Shifting Heart??This play ??§The Shifting Heart?? was set in 1950s, in a community where many people did not accept any migrants. The main, theme of this play shows Bianchi family moved to Australia from Italy and how the issues raised regarding to lifestyles in Australia. The racial discrimination was one of the major issues Bianchi family faced since they moved to Australia.

For example, Mr. Wilson who works at the s??§hop, thinks it is amusing to call Mrs. Bianchi, Momma Macaroni.

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This sees it as discrimination and it is an insult and prejudice. And in Act 1, Momma does not see the other neighbours actions as humorous and retaliates by blocking the sewer with stinking fish. And also there are people who throw rubbish. People do this rather than speak to Momma.

They have never spoken for eight years since Bianchi family came to Australia. This because neighbours are obviously jealous that the Bianchi own their home through their hard work, and still other neighbours have to pay for their rant.However, this play reveals that the attitudes in today??¦s Australia towards migrants have changed significantly. They are more migrants in Australia compared to back in 1950s. Australia is a multicultural shifting, heart, australia, discrimination, people, migrants, bianchi, society, neighbours, momma, family, employment, world, wear, since, religion, reduce, population, play, opportunity, need, multicultural, moved, labour, jobs, issues, institutions, however, hard, find, due, different, because, australian, anti-discrimination, 1950s, years

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