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The Seven Sins Of Memort The Seven Sins Of Memory: How the mind forgets and RememberDaniel L. Scharter, Ph.D. Psychology Today June 2001 In this article it talks about the many forms of memory loss. The author divides it into seven fundamental transgressions or ?sins?.

He also talks of some of the extremes of memory loss of a normal person. Such as the story of Binjimin Wilkomirski, which tells about his childhood in a concentration camp from the point of view of a small child. More amazingly is that he was unaware of his traumatic childhood until it became aware to him in therapy.

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His vivid memories of the horrible terrors he faced as a child in concentration camps won him a place in the national spotlight. Only four years later Daniel Ganzfried, also a son of a Holocaust survivor, published a revealing article about the true Binjimin Wilkomirski who?s real name was Bruno Dossekker. He found out that Bruno was adopted and was living a safe life as a native of Switzerland during the Holocaust. We are now faced with the question of whether or no he is a liar.

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