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The 3 texts
that I choose to compare and contrast are The City of Tomorrow and its
Planning by Le Corbusier (1929), The Townscape by Gordon Cullen
(1961) and The Creative City by Charles Landry (2000). After I finished reading,
I found out there are many things are similar & some that are very different.

            The design sense or style are different
between each other. In “The City of Tomorrow and its Planning”, Le
Corbusier’s way is design the city in symmetry, geometric & systematic
planning with 24 block skyscrapers & 60 office building with 1200
population. In “The Townscape” by Gordon Cullen is more in human
feeling, psychological & physical sense to enjoy an urban environment. In “The
Creative City” is find out the solution from understanding the nature of urban
trends, the solutions that can be culture, economic, social &
environmentally sustainable.

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            The traffic or human flows is quite
similar between “The Townscape” and “The Creative City”, both of the
article are using some specific elements to control it. In “The Townscape”, Gordon
Cullen created a serial vision & closed vista to bring out an experience a
sense of discovery & the view ends with particular site to invite the
pedestrian step back & admire it. The example from “The Creative City” is
using textured paving stones to guide the blind people, in Japan. For “The
City of Tomorrow and its Planning” is totally different, the highway was separated
from the pedestrians flow, both of them were not meet together until the next

            Another similarity between these
three articles is the community space in the city. In “The City of Tomorrow
and its Planning” mentioned a horizontal garden city for community to the
city. In “The Townscape” is create a square, courtyard or quad which
that outside, the noise & speed of impersonal communication. In “The
Creative City” is by regenerating an urban traveller community through
different type of creative activities in Dublin, Ireland.

            Create an emphasis or focus
point/area is another similarity between these three articles. In “The City
of Tomorrow and its Planning” is decisive consequence of the cutting off of
the building from the land was the separation of landscape & architecture
design. In “The Townscape” is the creation of a break in the street
which containing the eyes does not blocking the sense of progression beyond. In
“The Creative City” mentioned The Hundertwasser Haus, Vienna: Holistic
Architecture as a living artwork. From here, the architecture using on a
sustained critique of cheap grey concrete high-rise blocks for the rights of
all people to choose their own dwelling & arrange it as they would their
own clothes.

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