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The Self What is Unique About Human Reality When first confronted with this question I thought that the thing that made human reality unique was that it was always changing.

I also stated that reality has the tendency to change based on individual and cultural environments. In this paper I will attempt to further explain my statements by taking a look at how different perspectives and social environments make human reality unique. I will then close by looking at the importance of the symbol and how it helps to create the uniqueness in human reality. Growing up in Philadelphia I always thought that everything around me was the same for everyone throughout Philadelphia. I thought that the reality I shared growing up in Philadelphia was the similar for everyone growing up in Philadelphia. Everyone who lived in my neighborhood basically lived in homes that were all alike on the outside.

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There was no one of a different race that lived in my area so I was basically surrounded by the same thing. Basically we all shared the same reality. This shared reality revolved around the same part of North Philadelphia in which we all grew reality, perspectives, human, unique, symbols, social, society, different, same, environment, words, charon, one, help, because, based, always, thought, thing, play, philadelphia, out, neighborhood, meanings, understand, things, people, new, meaning, lived, joel, individual, everyone, changing, around

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