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The Search For Endure And Knowledge The Search for Endure and Knowledge Many years ago, two animals escaped into the linguistic wilderness. Those animals were Endure and Knowledge. These animals some of their original meanings while they struggled to survive in the linguistic wilderness. Tracking and capturing these animals was a difficult task. While on my long quest through time, I was able to capture these wild animals.

Endure was not such a hard animal to track. He left a trail that was very easy to follow. Endure?s original meaning was to indurate or harden.

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It also meant to make callous or indifferent. Also in good sense it meant to make sturdy or robust and to strengthen. A couple of years after the original meaning was published another meaning came forth. That meaning was to last or to suffer continuously. In the 1400s, Endure meant to last and continue in existence. It can be found hiding in various works.

In the middle 1500s, Endure meant to be continued through space or to extend from one point to another. It sought shelter in the works of Parke and Berners. When I finally caught with him, he slipped into the Bible meaning, knowledge, endure, years, known, new, meant, original, different, animals, very, meanings, late, hard, fact, changed, became, works, wilderness, track, time, through, notice, mean, long, linguistic, information, hiding, gained, found, finally, characteristics, caught, came, animal

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